Baby Girl Names “H” Gujarati Culture: A Celebration of Heritage 2023

Baby Girl Names “H”: Gujarati culture places a strong emphasis on family, unity, and happiness. The letter “H” carries forward this sentiment, offering names that reflect the joy and harmony that families aspire to. Names like “Hiral” (meaning “delightful”) and “Hina” (meaning “fragrance”) bring smiles to the faces of both parents and the extended family.

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Baby girl names
1HiralGujratiHinduModern, UniqueShortLustrous
2HeliGujratiHinduModern, UniqueShortRay of Light
3HinaGujratiHinduModern, UniqueShortFragrance
4HiralalGujratiHinduModern, UniqueMediumBeloved of God
5HetaGujratiHinduModern, UniqueShortLovable
6HemalGujratiHinduModern, UniqueShortGolden
7HeenaGujratiHinduModern, UniqueShortMehndi
8HithaGujratiHinduModern, UniqueShortLove
9HarshaGujratiHinduModern, UniqueMediumHappiness
10HaritaGujratiHinduModern, UniqueMediumGreen
11HetviGujratiHinduModern, UniqueShortLove
12HiralGujratiHinduModern, UniqueShortLustrous
13HitaGujratiHinduModern, UniqueShortLovable
14HansikaGujratiHinduModern, UniqueMediumSwan
15HarinaGujratiHinduModern, UniqueMediumDeer
16HansiniGujratiHinduModern, UniqueMediumSwan
17HiraGujratiHinduModern, UniqueShortDiamond
18HariniGujratiHinduModern, UniqueMediumBeautiful
19HilaGujratiHinduModern, UniqueShortTimid
20HarshikaGujratiHinduModern, UniqueMediumJoyful
21HetikaGujratiHinduModern, UniqueMediumLovable
22HarviGujratiHinduModern, UniqueShortProsperous
23HarshitaGujratiHinduModern, UniqueMediumJoyful
24HariniGujratiHinduModern, UniqueMediumBeautiful
25HitaGujratiHinduModern, UniqueShortLovable
26HiralGujratiHinduModern, UniqueShortLustrous
27HenaGujratiHinduModern, UniqueShortA Flower
28HetviGujratiHinduModern, UniqueShortLove
29HejalGujratiHinduModern, UniqueShortLight
30HarshaGujratiHinduModern, UniqueMediumHappiness
31HiralalGujratiHinduModern, UniqueMediumBeloved of God
32HeliGujratiHinduModern, UniqueShortRay of Light
33HimaGujratiHinduModern, UniqueShortSnow
34HiralikaGujratiHinduModern, UniqueMediumLustrous
35HarinaGujratiHinduModern, UniqueMediumDeer
36HinaGujratiHinduModern, UniqueShortFragrance
37HeeyaGujratiHinduModern, UniqueShortHeart
38HimaniGujratiHinduModern, UniqueMediumSnow
39HarshidaGujratiHinduModern, UniqueMediumHappy
40HarithaGujratiHinduModern, UniqueMediumGreen
41HariniGujratiHinduModern, UniqueMediumBeautiful
42HithaGujratiHinduModern, UniqueShortLove
43HemalGujratiHinduModern, UniqueShortGolden
44HeenaGujratiHinduModern, UniqueShortMehndi
45HansikaGujratiHinduModern, UniqueMediumSwan
46HetikaGujratiHinduModern, UniqueMediumLovable
47HitaGujratiHinduModern, UniqueShortLovable
48HarshikaGujratiHinduModern, UniqueMediumJoyful
49HeliGujratiHinduModern, UniqueShortRay of Light
50HarshaGujratiHinduModern, UniqueMediumHappiness
51HinalGujratiHinduModern, UniqueShortFragrance
52HetalGujratiHinduModern, UniqueShortLovable
53HejalGujratiHinduModern, UniqueShortLight
54HansiniGujratiHinduModern, UniqueMediumSwan
55HarshitaGujratiHinduModern, UniqueMediumJoyful
56HiraGujratiHinduModern, UniqueShortDiamond
57HetviGujratiHinduModern, UniqueShortLove
58HiralalGujratiHinduModern, UniqueMediumBeloved of God
59HarikaGujratiHinduModern, UniqueShortSwift
60HarshidaGujratiHinduModern, UniqueMediumHappy
61HetaGujratiHinduModern, UniqueShortLovable
62HariniGujratiHinduModern, UniqueMediumBeautiful
63HinaliGujratiHinduModern, UniqueShortSweet
64HemangiGujratiHinduModern, UniqueMediumGolden Body
65HeliGujratiHinduModern, UniqueShortRay of Light
66HeeraGujratiHinduModern, UniqueShortDiamond
67HiraGujratiHinduModern, UniqueShortDiamond
68HimaniGujratiHinduModern, UniqueMediumSnow
69HeeyaGujratiHinduModern, UniqueShortHeart
70HinaGujratiHinduModern, UniqueShortFragrance
71HarshaGujratiHinduModern, UniqueMediumHappiness
72HarithaGujratiHinduModern, UniqueMediumGreen
73HarshikaGujratiHinduModern, UniqueMediumJoyful
74HariniGujratiHinduModern, UniqueMediumBeautiful
75HithaGujratiHinduModern, UniqueShortLove
76HemalGujratiHinduModern, UniqueShortGolden
77HeenaGujratiHinduModern, UniqueShortMehndi
78HansikaGujratiHinduModern, UniqueMediumSwan
79HetikaGujratiHinduModern, UniqueMediumLovable
80HitaGujratiHinduModern, UniqueShortLovable
81HariniGujratiHinduModern, UniqueMediumBeautiful
82HithaGujratiHinduModern, UniqueShortLove
83HemalGujratiHinduModern, UniqueShortGolden
84HeenaGujratiHinduModern, UniqueShortMehndi
85HansikaGujratiHinduModern, UniqueMediumSwan
86HetikaGujratiHinduModern, UniqueMediumLovable
87HitaGujratiHinduModern, UniqueShortLovable
88HarshikaGujratiHinduModern, UniqueMediumJoyful
89HeliGujratiHinduModern, UniqueShortRay of Light
90HarshaGujratiHinduModern, UniqueMediumHappiness
91HinalGujratiHinduModern, UniqueShortFragrance
92HetalGujratiHinduModern, UniqueShortLovable
93HejalGujratiHinduModern, UniqueShortLight
94HansiniGujratiHinduModern, UniqueMediumSwan
95HarshitaGujratiHinduModern, UniqueMediumJoyful
96HiraGujratiHinduModern, UniqueShortDiamond
97HetviGujratiHinduModern, UniqueShortLove
98HiralalGujratiHinduModern, UniqueMediumBeloved of God
99HarikaGujratiHinduModern, UniqueShortSwift
100HarshidaGujratiHinduModern, UniqueMediumHappy
101HitaGujratiHinduModern, UniqueShortLovable
102HiralGujratiHinduModern, UniqueShortLustrous
103HinaliGujratiHinduModern, UniqueShortSweet
104HemangiGujratiHinduModern, UniqueMediumGolden Body
105HeliGujratiHinduModern, UniqueShortRay of Light
106HeeraGujratiHinduModern, UniqueShortDiamond
107HiraGujratiHinduModern, UniqueShortDiamond
108HimaniGujratiHinduModern, UniqueMediumSnow
109HeeyaGujratiHinduModern, UniqueShortHeart
110HinaGujratiHinduModern, UniqueShortFragrance
111HarshaGujratiHinduModern, UniqueMediumHappiness
112HarithaGujratiHinduModern, UniqueMediumGreen
113HarshikaGujratiHinduModern, UniqueMediumJoyful
114HariniGujratiHinduModern, UniqueMediumBeautiful
115HithaGujratiHinduModern, UniqueShortLove
116HemalGujratiHinduModern, UniqueShortGolden
117HeenaGujratiHinduModern, UniqueShortMehndi
118HansikaGujratiHinduModern, UniqueMediumSwan
119HetikaGujratiHinduModern, UniqueMediumLovable
120HitaGujratiHinduModern, UniqueShortLovable
121HarshikaGujratiHinduModern, UniqueMediumJoyful
122HeliGujratiHinduModern, UniqueShortRay of Light
123HarshaGujratiHinduModern, UniqueMediumHappiness
124HinalGujratiHinduModern, UniqueShortFragrance
125HetalGujratiHinduModern, UniqueShortLovable
126HejalGujratiHinduModern, UniqueShortLight
127HansiniGujratiHinduModern, UniqueMediumSwan
128HarshitaGujratiHinduModern, UniqueMediumJoyful
129HiraGujratiHinduModern, UniqueShortDiamond
130HetviGujratiHinduModern, UniqueShortLove
131HiralalGujratiHinduModern, UniqueMediumBeloved of God
132HarikaGujratiHinduModern, UniqueShortSwift
133HarshidaGujratiHinduModern, UniqueMediumHappy
134HarshikaGujratiHinduModern, UniqueMediumJoyful
135HariniGujratiHinduModern, UniqueMediumBeautiful
136HithaGujratiHinduModern, UniqueShortLove
137HemalGujratiHinduModern, UniqueShortGolden
138HeenaGujratiHinduModern, UniqueShortMehndi
139HansikaGujratiHinduModern, UniqueMediumSwan
140HetikaGujratiHinduModern, UniqueMediumLovable
141HitaGujratiHinduModern, UniqueShortLovable
142HarshikaGujratiHinduModern, UniqueMediumJoyful
143HeliGujratiHinduModern, UniqueShortRay of Light
144HarshaGujratiHinduModern, UniqueMediumHappiness
145HinalGujratiHinduModern, UniqueShortFragrance
146HetalGujratiHinduModern, UniqueShortLovable
147HejalGujratiHinduModern, UniqueShortLight
148HansiniGujratiHinduModern, UniqueMediumSwan
149HarshitaGujratiHinduModern, UniqueMediumJoyful
150HiraGujratiHinduModern, UniqueShortDiamond
151HetviGujratiHinduModern, UniqueShortLove
152HiralalGujratiHinduModern, UniqueMediumBeloved of God
153HarikaGujratiHinduModern, UniqueShortSwift
154HarshidaGujratiHinduModern, UniqueMediumHappy
155HarshikaGujratiHinduModern, UniqueMediumJoyful
156HariniGujratiHinduModern, UniqueMediumBeautiful
157HithaGujratiHinduModern, UniqueShortLove
158HemalGujratiHinduModern, UniqueShortGolden
159HeenaGujratiHinduModern, UniqueShortMehndi
160HansikaGujratiHinduModern, UniqueMediumSwan
161HetikaGujratiHinduModern, UniqueMediumLovable
162HitaGujratiHinduModern, UniqueShortLovable
163HarshikaGujratiHinduModern, UniqueMediumJoyful
164HeliGujratiHinduModern, UniqueShortRay of Light
165HarshaGujratiHinduModern, UniqueMediumHappiness
166HinalGujratiHinduModern, UniqueShortFragrance
167HetalGujratiHinduModern, UniqueShortLovable
168HejalGujratiHinduModern, UniqueShortLight
169HansiniGujratiHinduModern, UniqueMediumSwan
170HarshitaGujratiHinduModern, UniqueMediumJoyful
171HiraGujratiHinduModern, UniqueShortDiamond
172HetviGujratiHinduModern, UniqueShortLove
173HiralalGujratiHinduModern, UniqueMediumBeloved of God
174HarikaGujratiHinduModern, UniqueShortSwift
175HarshidaGujratiHinduModern, UniqueMediumHappy
176HarshikaGujratiHinduModern, UniqueMediumJoyful
177HariniGujratiHinduModern, UniqueMediumBeautiful
178HithaGujratiHinduModern, UniqueShortLove
179HemalGujratiHinduModern, UniqueShortGolden
180HeenaGujratiHinduModern, UniqueShortMehndi
181HansikaGujratiHinduModern, UniqueMediumSwan
182HetikaGujratiHinduModern, UniqueMediumLovable
183HitaGujratiHinduModern, UniqueShortLovable
184HarshikaGujratiHinduModern, UniqueMediumJoyful
185HeliGujratiHinduModern, UniqueShortRay of Light
186HarshaGujratiHinduModern, UniqueMediumHappiness
187HinalGujratiHinduModern, UniqueShortFragrance
188HetalGujratiHinduModern, UniqueShortLovable
189HejalGujratiHinduModern, UniqueShortLight
190HansiniGujratiHinduModern, UniqueMediumSwan
191HarshitaGujratiHinduModern, UniqueMediumJoyful
192HiraGujratiHinduModern, UniqueShortDiamond
193HetviGujratiHinduModern, UniqueShortLove
194HiralalGujratiHinduModern, UniqueMediumBeloved of God
195HarikaGujratiHinduModern, UniqueShortSwift
196HarshidaGujratiHinduModern, UniqueMediumHappy
197HarshikaGujratiHinduModern, UniqueMediumJoyful
198HariniGujratiHinduModern, UniqueMediumBeautiful
199HithaGujratiHinduModern, UniqueShortLove
200HemalGujratiHinduModern, UniqueShortGolden

Baby Girl Names “H” : The Allure of “H” Names in Gujarati Culture: A Celebration of Heritage

In the realm of baby names, each letter carries its own charm and significance. In the vibrant tapestry of Gujarati culture, the letter “H” holds a special place, weaving together tradition, history, and modernity. This letter resonates deeply with the heritage of Gujarat, bringing forth a plethora of captivating girl names that encapsulate the essence of this rich culture.

Table of Gujarati Girl Names Starting with “H”

In this table, we’ve compiled a list of Gujarati girl names that begin with the letter “H,” along with their origins and meanings. These names reflect the diverse cultural influences and the deep-rooted traditions of Gujarat.

HiralSanskrit“Lustrous” or “Precious”
HaritaSanskrit“Green” or “Nature-Lover”
HeenaSanskrit“Mehendi” or “Beautiful”
HetviSanskrit“Loved” or “Benevolent”
HitaSanskrit“Good Deed” or “Benefit”
HinaSanskrit“A Shrub” or “Fragrance”
HeliSanskrit“Sun Ray” or “Light”
HradhaSanskrit“Lake” or “Reservoir”
HitiSanskrit“Love” or “Affection”
HrithiSanskrit“Prosperity” or “Wealth”
HardiniSanskrit“One Who Sustains”
HemishaSanskrit“Golden” or “Lustrous”
HeshikaSanskrit“God’s Precious Gift”

The Origins and Meanings of Gujarati Names Starting with “H”


Origin: Sanskrit Meaning: “Lustrous” or “Precious”

The name Hiral is a testament to the beauty and value associated with the Gujarati culture. It signifies the radiance and preciousness that every child brings into their family’s life.


Origin: Sanskrit Meaning: “Green” or “Nature-Lover”

A name like Harita reflects a deep appreciation for nature and the environment. It symbolizes a connection with the greenery and life that surrounds us.


Origin: Sanskrit Meaning: “Mehendi” or “Beautiful”

Heena is a name often associated with beauty and adornment. It references the traditional art of applying mehendi (henna) to enhance one’s beauty.


Origin: Sanskrit Meaning: “Loved” or “Benevolent”

Hetvi is a name that embodies the love and compassion that parents feel for their children. It also carries connotations of benevolence and kindness.


Origin: Sanskrit Meaning: “Good Deed” or “Benefit”

Hita is a name that signifies the positive impact a child can have on their family and community. It reflects the hope for a future filled with good deeds and benefits.


Origin: Sanskrit Meaning: “A Shrub” or “Fragrance”

The name Hina is reminiscent of the fragrant henna shrub, which holds cultural significance in India. It is a name that connects to nature and its sweet scents.


Origin: Sanskrit Meaning: “Sun Ray” or “Light”

Heli is a name that symbolizes the warmth and light that a child brings into their family’s life, much like the sun’s rays brighten the day.


Origin: Sanskrit Meaning: “Lake” or “Reservoir”

Hradha is a name that carries the essence of abundance and nourishment, much like a lake or reservoir provides sustenance to the land.


Origin: Sanskrit Meaning: “Love” or “Affection”

Hiti is a name that speaks to the profound love and affection that parents have for their child. It reflects the bond of love that unites families.


Origin: Sanskrit Meaning: “Prosperity” or “Wealth”

Hrithi is a name that conveys the aspiration for a prosperous and abundant future for the child. It represents the hope for success and wealth.


Origin: Sanskrit Meaning: “One Who Sustains”

Hardini is a name that signifies the strength and support that a child provides to their family. It reflects the idea that children sustain and enrich their parents’ lives.


Origin: Sanskrit Meaning: “Golden” or “Lustrous”

The name Hemisha is a celebration of the preciousness and brilliance of a child, much like the lustrous glow of gold.


Origin: Sanskrit Meaning: “God’s Precious Gift”

Heshika is a name that acknowledges the child as a precious gift from the divine. It reflects the belief in the sanctity of life.

Harmony of Heritage:

Baby Girl Names “H” :In Gujarati culture, names are often chosen with great care, reflecting cultural values, familial history, and the aspiration for a prosperous future. The letter “H” takes on a role of immense importance, embodying the heritage and history of Gujarat while embracing the contemporary preferences of today’s parents.

Homage to Goddesses:

The letter “H” offers a doorway to a world of divine femininity. Many Gujarati girl names beginning with “H” pay homage to goddesses and deities, a testament to the deep spiritual roots of the culture. Names like “Hemal” (meaning “golden”) and “Hetvi” (meaning “goddess of wealth”) infuse everyday life with the blessings of the divine.

Harbingers of Happiness:

Gujarati culture places a strong emphasis on family, unity, and happiness. The letter “H” carries forward this sentiment, offering names that reflect the joy and harmony that families aspire to. Names like “Hiral” (meaning “delightful”) and “Hina” (meaning “fragrance”) bring smiles to the faces of both parents and the extended family.

Heralding Prosperity:

Baby Girl Names “H”:With a focus on growth and prosperity, the letter “H” is an emblem of hope and aspiration. Names such as “Harsha” (meaning “happiness”) and “Hasti” (meaning “elephant,” a symbol of strength and fortune) radiate positivity and optimism for the future.

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Harmony with Nature:

Baby Girl Names “H” :Gujarat’s landscapes, from its coastline to its vibrant cities, are a blend of natural beauty and human innovation. The letter “H” finds resonance in nature-inspired names like “Hemani” (meaning “born in the golden period”) and “Hita” (meaning “well-wisher”), which mirror the harmony between the environment and human endeavors.

Harbor of Modernity:

Baby Girl Names “H” :While deeply rooted in tradition, the Gujarati culture embraces modernity with open arms. The letter “H” seamlessly blends tradition and modernity in names like “Harika” (meaning “beloved by Indra, the rain god”) and “Hansika” (meaning “swan”), reflecting the dynamic nature of contemporary Gujarati society.

Honoring Heritage:

Baby Girl Names “H” Choosing a name that starts with “H” in Gujarati culture is not merely a decision; it’s a reflection of honoring heritage and preserving a cultural legacy. These names have the power to transcend time and bring generations together under a common thread of identity and belonging.

In the colorful mosaic of Gujarati culture, the letter “H” paints a vibrant picture of tradition, progress, and unity. Through names rich in meaning and significance, families celebrate their heritage while embracing the promise of the future. As each girl steps into the world with a name that begins with “H,” she carries forward the legacy of a culture that treasures its past and forges ahead with hope.

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