Exploring Tamil Baby Boy Names Starting with “B”

Tamil Baby Boy Names B : When it comes to choosing a name for your baby boy, it’s not just about finding something that sounds pleasant; it’s also about connecting with your cultural roots and heritage. For Tamil-speaking families, this often means selecting a name that reflects their language and culture. In this article, we will explore Tamil baby boy names that start with the letter “B.” These names not only have beautiful meanings but also hold significance in Tamil culture. We will delve into the origins and meanings of these names, helping you make an informed choice for your little one.

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Tamil Baby boys

The Significance of Tamil Names- Tamil Baby Boy Names B

B Tamil Baby Boy Names : Tamil names have a rich history and cultural significance. They are deeply rooted in the Tamil language, which is one of the oldest languages in the world, with a history spanning over 2,000 years. Tamil names often have meanings that reflect nature, virtues, and historical events. Additionally, they may be influenced by religion, mythology, and the unique culture of Tamil Nadu.
2BalajiTamilHinduModernShortLord Vishnu
3BhaveshTamilHinduModernShortLord Shiva
4BaladityaTamilHinduModernMediumRising Sun
5BuvaneshTamilHinduModernMediumLord Shiva
6BarathirajaTamilHinduModernLongKing of the World
9BalakrishnanTamilHinduModernLongYoung Lord Krishna
11BalamuraliTamilHinduModernMediumYoung Krishna with Flute
12BanuvigneshTamilHinduModernLongVictory of the Sky
14BalachandarTamilHinduModernLongLord Shiva
16BhuvaneshwaranTamilHinduModernLongLord of the Earth
18BhaveshwarTamilHinduModernMediumLord Shiva
19BarathirajanTamilHinduModernLongKing of the World
21BalendraTamilHinduModernShortStrong Lord
22BhuvaneshwarTamilHinduModernLongLord of the Earth
23BharathanTamilHinduModernMediumSun God
24BhupeshTamilHinduModernShortKing of Earth
25BalakumarTamilHinduModernMediumYoung Prince
26BhuvaneswaranTamilHinduModernLongLord of the Earth
28BhuvikTamilHinduModernShortHeaven’s Love
30BhuvaneshTamilHinduModernShortLord of the World
31BalamuruganTamilHinduModernLongYoung Lord Murugan
32BaskaranTamilHinduModernMediumSun Lord
33Bharat KumarTamilHinduModernLongIndian Prince
34BhuvaneshwarTamilHinduModernLongLord of the Earth
36BalanandanTamilHinduModernLongBeloved Son
37BhupendraTamilHinduModernLongKing of Kings
38BhuvneshwarTamilHinduModernLongLord of the Earth
39BalashankarTamilHinduModernLongYoung Lord Shiva
40BhuvaneshwaranTamilHinduModernLongLord of the Earth
41BhaveshTamilHinduModernShortLord Shiva
42BanuprakashTamilHinduModernLongRising Sun
43Bharat RajTamilHinduModernLongKing of India
45BhuvikeshTamilHinduModernLongLord of Heaven
46BalakumaranTamilHinduModernLongYoung Lord Murugan
47BhuvneshTamilHinduModernShortLord of the Earth
48BalasubramaniamTamilHinduModernLongYoung Lord Murugan
49BhuvitharshanTamilHinduModernLongVision of Heaven
51BalakrishnaTamilHinduModernLongYoung Lord Krishna
52BhargavaTamilHinduModernMediumSon of Lord Shiva
53BalanTamilHinduModernShortYoung Boy
54BhupeshwarTamilHinduModernLongKing of the Earth
55BharathirajanTamilHinduModernLongKing of India
57BalasundaramTamilHinduModernLongYoung and Handsome
58BhavendranTamilHinduModernLongJoyful Leader
59BhargavaramanTamilHinduModernLongSon of Lord Shiva
60BalakumaranTamilHinduModernLongYoung Lord Murugan
61BhuvaneshvaranTamilHinduModernLongLord of the Universe
62BaskararajanTamilHinduModernLongKing of the Sun
63BharathikumarTamilHinduModernLongYouthful Prince
64BalajiTamilHinduModernShortLord Vishnu
65BhupendranTamilHinduModernLongKing of the World
67BalachandrakumarTamilHinduModernLongYoung Lord Shiva
68BhuvikethanTamilHinduModernLongLord of Heaven
69BhuvanesanTamilHinduModernLongLord of the Earth
70BhuvaneshwaranTamilHinduModernLongLord of the Earth
71BalakrishnanTamilHinduModernLongYoung Lord Krishna
72BuvaneshTamilHinduModernMediumLord Shiva
73BarathirajaTamilHinduModernLongKing of the World
77BalamuraliTamilHinduModernMediumYoung Krishna with Flute
78BanuvigneshTamilHinduModernLongVictory of the Sky
80BalachandarTamilHinduModernLongLord Shiva
82BhuvaneshwaranTamilHinduModernLongLord of the Earth
84BhaveshwarTamilHinduModernMediumLord Shiva
85BarathirajanTamilHinduModernLongKing of the World
87BalendraTamilHinduModernShortStrong Lord
88BhuvaneshwarTamilHinduModernLongLord of the Earth
89BharathanTamilHinduModernMediumSun God
90BhupeshTamilHinduModernShortKing of Earth
91BalakumarTamilHinduModernMediumYoung Prince
92BhuvaneswaranTamilHinduModernLongLord of the Earth
94BhuvikTamilHinduModernShortHeaven’s Love
96BhuvaneshTamilHinduModernShortLord of the World
97BalamuruganTamilHinduModernLongYoung Lord Murugan
98BaskaranTamilHinduModernMediumSun Lord
99Bharat KumarTamilHinduModernLongIndian Prince
100BhuvaneshwarTamilHinduModernLongLord of the Earth
101BhojarajanTamilHinduModernLongKing of Wealth
102BhaveshkumarTamilHinduModernLongDevotee of Lord Shiva
103BalasubramanianTamilHinduModernLongYoung Lord Murugan
104BhoopathiTamilHinduModernMediumKing of the Earth
105BhavanandanTamilHinduModernLongBeloved Son
106BalamuruganTamilHinduModernLongYoung Lord Murugan
107BhupeshwaranTamilHinduModernLongKing of the Earth
108BharathirajaTamilHinduModernLongKing of India
109BhupendraTamilHinduModernLongKing of Kings
110BhuvaneshTamilHinduModernShortLord of the World
111BhuvitharshanTamilHinduModernLongVision of Heaven
112BhavishankarTamilHinduModernLongYoung Lord Shiva
113BuvaneswaranTamilHinduModernLongLord of the Universe
114BharathikrishnanTamilHinduModernLongYouthful Lord Krishna
115BhuvanrajTamilHinduModernLongKing of the Earth
116BhanuprakashTamilHinduModernLongRising Sun
117BalaganeshTamilHinduModernLongYoung Lord Ganesha
118BhuvaneshwaranTamilHinduModernLongLord of the Earth
119BaskararajanTamilHinduModernLongKing of the Sun
120BhavikethanTamilHinduModernLongLord of Heaven
121BhuvaneshvarTamilHinduModernLongLord of the Universe
122BharathikumarTamilHinduModernLongYouthful Prince
123BhuvendranTamilHinduModernLongJoyful Leader
124BhargavaramanTamilHinduModernLongSon of Lord Shiva
125BalakumaranTamilHinduModernLongYoung Lord Murugan
126BhuvikeshTamilHinduModernLongLord of Heaven
127BhuvanesanTamilHinduModernLongLord of the Earth
128BhuvaneshwaranTamilHinduModernLongLord of the Earth
130BalakumarTamilHinduModernMediumYoung Prince
131BhuvaneswaranTamilHinduModernLongLord of the Earth
133BhuvikTamilHinduModernShortHeaven’s Love
135BhuvaneshTamilHinduModernShortLord of the World
136BalamuruganTamilHinduModernLongYoung Lord Murugan
137BaskaranTamilHinduModernMediumSun Lord
138Bharat KumarTamilHinduModernLongIndian Prince
139BhuvaneshwarTamilHinduModernLongLord of the Earth
141BalanandanTamilHinduModernLongBeloved Son
142BhupendraTamilHinduModernLongKing of Kings
143BhuvneshwarTamilHinduModernLongLord of the Earth
144BalashankarTamilHinduModernLongYoung Lord Shiva
145BhuvaneshwaranTamilHinduModernLongLord of the Earth
146BhaveshTamilHinduModernShortLord Shiva
147BanuprakashTamilHinduModernLongRising Sun
148Bharat RajTamilHinduModernLongKing of India
150BhuvikeshTamilHinduModernLongLord of Heaven
151BalakumaranTamilHinduModernLongYoung Lord Murugan
152BhuvneshTamilHinduModernShortLord of the Earth
153BalasubramaniamTamilHinduModernLongYoung Lord Murugan
154BhuvitharshanTamilHinduModernLongVision of Heaven
156BhuvaneshwaraTamilHinduModernLongLord of the Earth
157BhuvaneshwariTamilHinduModernLongGoddess of the Earth
158BhuvanendraTamilHinduModernLongKing of the Universe
159BhuvaneshwaranTamilHinduModernLongLord of the Earth
160BhuvaneshwararTamilHinduModernLongLord of the Earth
161BalakrishnanTamilHinduModernLongYoung Lord Krishna
162BhargavaTamilHinduModernMediumSon of Lord Shiva
163BalanTamilHinduModernShortYoung Boy
164BhupeshwarTamilHinduModernLongKing of Earth
165BharathirajanTamilHinduModernLongKing of India
167BalasundaramTamilHinduModernLongYoung and Handsome
168BhavendranTamilHinduModernLongJoyful Leader
169BhargavaramanTamilHinduModernLongSon of Lord Shiva
170BalakumaranTamilHinduModernLongYoung Lord Murugan
171BhuvikethanTamilHinduModernLongLord of Heaven
172BhuvanesanTamilHinduModernLongLord of the Earth
173BhuvaneshwaranTamilHinduModernLongLord of the Earth
174BaskararajanTamilHinduModernLongKing of the Sun
175BhavikumarTamilHinduModernLongYouthful Prince
176BhuvanrajTamilHinduModernLongKing of the Earth
177BhanuprakashTamilHinduModernLongRising Sun
178BalaganeshTamilHinduModernLongYoung Lord Ganesha
179BhuvaneshwaranTamilHinduModernLongLord of the Earth
180BaskararajanTamilHinduModernLongKing of the Sun
181BhavikethanTamilHinduModernLongLord of Heaven
182BhuvanesvaranTamilHinduModernLongLord of the Universe
183BharathikumarTamilHinduModernLongYouthful Prince
184BhuvendranTamilHinduModernLongJoyful Leader
185BhargavaramanTamilHinduModernLongSon of Lord Shiva
186BalakumaranTamilHinduModernLongYoung Lord Murugan
187BhuvikethanTamilHinduModernLongLord of Heaven
188BhuvanesanTamilHinduModernLongLord of the Earth
189BhuvaneshwaranTamilHinduModernLongLord of the Earth
191BalakumarTamilHinduModernMediumYoung Prince
192BhuvaneswaranTamilHinduModernLongLord of the Earth
194BhuvikTamilHinduModernShortHeaven’s Love
196BhuvaneshTamilHinduModernShortLord of the World
197BalamuruganTamilHinduModernLongYoung Lord Murugan
198BaskaranTamilHinduModernMediumSun Lord
199Bharat KumarTamilHinduModernLongIndian Prince
200BhuvaneshwarTamilHinduModernLongLord of the Earth

Tamil Boy Names Starting with “B”

Let’s explore some Tamil baby boy names that begin with the letter “B.” In the table below, you will find a selection of names, along with their origins and meanings:

BalaSanskritChild or young one
BalachandarSanskritLord Vishnu’s crescent-shaped ornament
BalaganeshSanskritLord Ganesha, the remover of obstacles
BaskarTamilSun or radiant
BharaniTamilName of a star (2nd nakshatra)
BhuvanSanskritThe world
BuvaneshSanskritLord of the world
BadriSanskritA place name, associated with Lord Vishnu
BarathanTamil/SanskritA form of Lord Rama
BarathrajTamil/SanskritKing of the world
Tamil Baby Boy Names B

Origins of Tamil Boy Names

  1. Sanskrit Influence: Many Tamil names, including those starting with “B,” have their roots in Sanskrit. Sanskrit, being one of the ancient languages of India, has significantly influenced Tamil culture and language over the centuries. Names like Bala, Balachandar, and Badri have clear Sanskrit origins.
  2. Tamil Heritage: Some names, like Baskar and Bharani, have distinctly Tamil origins. These names often draw inspiration from Tamil traditions, culture, and natural elements. Bharani, for example, is the name of a star and holds astronomical significance in Tamil culture.

Meanings and Symbolism-Tamil Baby Boy Names B

Tamil names often carry deep meanings and symbolism. Let’s explore the meanings of a few of these names:

  • Bala: This name means “child” or “young one,” signifying the innocence and purity associated with children.
  • Balachandar: It means “Lord Vishnu’s crescent-shaped ornament.” Lord Vishnu is a revered deity in Hinduism, and this name holds spiritual significance.
  • Buvanesh: “Lord of the world” is a powerful and majestic name that signifies leadership and responsibility.
  • Barathan: Derived from the name of Lord Rama, a central figure in the epic Ramayana, this name carries a sense of heroism and virtue.

Choosing the Right Name- Tamil Baby Boy Names B

Selecting the perfect name for your baby boy is a significant decision, and it’s important to consider a few factors:

  1. Meaning and Significance: Understanding the meaning and significance of the name can help you choose one that resonates with your values and beliefs.
  2. Cultural Relevance: Consider how well the name aligns with your Tamil heritage and cultural background.
  3. Pronunciation and Spelling: Ensure that the name is easy to pronounce and spell, both for your family and for your child as they grow up.
  4. Family Tradition: Some families have a tradition of passing down certain names through generations. Consider if there are any such names in your family.
  5. Modern Appeal: While tradition is important, it’s also worth thinking about how the name will suit your child as they grow older and enter different phases of life.


Tamil Baby Boy Names B : Choosing a Tamil baby boy name starting with “B” is a wonderful way to connect with the rich cultural heritage of Tamil Nadu. These names, with their deep meanings and cultural significance, carry a sense of identity and pride. Whether you opt for a name rooted in Sanskrit or one inspired by Tamil heritage, remember that the name you choose will be a part of your child’s identity for a lifetime. So, take your time, explore the options, and select a name that truly resonates with you and your family. In the end, it’s the love and care you provide that will shape your child’s future, regardless of the name you choose.

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