Tamil Baby Girl Names Starting with “F” 2023

Modern and Unique Tamil Baby Girl Names Starting with “F”

Tamil Baby Girl Names : When it comes to naming your baby girl, you want a name that is not only beautiful but also carries a unique and modern flair. If you have a Tamil heritage or simply love the richness of Tamil culture and language, choosing a Tamil name for your daughter can be a wonderful way to celebrate your roots. And if you’ve decided on the letter “F” for her name, you’re in luck! In this article, we will explore modern and unique Tamil baby girl names that start with the letter “F.”

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Tamil Baby girl names

Tamil baby girl names and modern Tamil baby boy names or pure Tamil baby girl names from 1 to 200
1FathimaTamilMuslimModernShortDaughter of the Prophet
2FaraTamilHinduModernShortGoddess Saraswati
5FalguniTamilHinduModernMediumBorn in Falgun (Hindu month)
8FathimathTamilMuslimModernMediumDaughter of the Prophet
13Fathima ZahraTamilMuslimModernMediumDaughter of the Prophet
14Fathimathu ZuhraTamilMuslimModernLongDaughter of the Prophet
15Fathima RifqaTamilMuslimModernMediumDaughter of the Prophet
16Fathima RiznaTamilMuslimModernMediumDaughter of the Prophet
17Fathima RifaTamilMuslimModernMediumDaughter of the Prophet
18Fathima RushdaTamilMuslimModernMediumDaughter of the Prophet
19Fathima ReshmaTamilMuslimModernMediumDaughter of the Prophet
20Fathima RashnaTamilMuslimModernMediumDaughter of the Prophet
21Fathima RihanaTamilMuslimModernMediumDaughter of the Prophet
22Fathima RishfaTamilMuslimModernMediumDaughter of the Prophet
23Fathima RoshanTamilMuslimModernMediumDaughter of the Prophet
24Fathima RoshnaTamilMuslimModernMediumDaughter of the Prophet
25Fathima RuksanaTamilMuslimModernMediumDaughter of the Prophet
26Fathima RufkaTamilMuslimModernMediumDaughter of the Prophet
27Fathima RumshaTamilMuslimModernMediumDaughter of the Prophet
28Fathima RubeenaTamilMuslimModernMediumDaughter of the Prophet
29Fathima RubilaTamilMuslimModernMediumDaughter of the Prophet
30Fathima RuzainaTamilMuslimModernMediumDaughter of the Prophet
31Fathima RufayaTamilMuslimModernMediumDaughter of the Prophet
32Fathima RufzaTamilMuslimModernMediumDaughter of the Prophet
33Fathima RukshaTamilMuslimModernMediumDaughter of the Prophet
34Fathima RuznaTamilMuslimModernMediumDaughter of the Prophet
35Fathima RukaiyaTamilMuslimModernMediumDaughter of the Prophet
36Fathima RubaidaTamilMuslimModernMediumDaughter of the Prophet
37Fathima RukiyaTamilMuslimModernMediumDaughter of the Prophet
38Fathima RuksharTamilMuslimModernMediumDaughter of the Prophet
39Fathima RubihaTamilMuslimModernMediumDaughter of the Prophet
40Fathima RushfaTamilMuslimModernMediumDaughter of the Prophet
41Fathima RukhsanaTamilMuslimModernMediumDaughter of the Prophet
42Fathima RusniTamilMuslimModernMediumDaughter of the Prophet
43Fathima RuksiTamilMuslimModernMediumDaughter of the Prophet
44Fathima RufihaTamilMuslimModernMediumDaughter of the Prophet
45Fathima RufidaTamilMuslimModernMediumDaughter of the Prophet
46Fathima RuqsaTamilMuslimModernMediumDaughter of the Prophet
47Fathima RuqiyaTamilMuslimModernMediumDaughter of the Prophet
48Fathima RuksarTamilMuslimModernMediumDaughter of the Prophet
49Fathima RukshaTamilMuslimModernMediumDaughter of the Prophet
50Fathima RubinaTamilMuslimModernMediumDaughter of the Prophet
51Fathima RukshanaTamilMuslimModernMediumDaughter of the Prophet
52Fathima RuznaTamilMuslimModernMediumDaughter of the Prophet
53Fathima RukaiyaTamilMuslimModernMediumDaughter of the Prophet
54Fathima RubaidaTamilMuslimModernMediumDaughter of the Prophet
55Fathima RukiyaTamilMuslimModernMediumDaughter of the Prophet
56Fathima RuksharTamilMuslimModernMediumDaughter of the Prophet
57Fathima RubihaTamilMuslimModernMediumDaughter of the Prophet
58Fathima RushfaTamilMuslimModernMediumDaughter of the Prophet
59Fathima RukhsanaTamilMuslimModernMediumDaughter of the Prophet
60Fathima RusniTamilMuslimModernMediumDaughter of the Prophet
61Fathima RuksiTamilMuslimModernMediumDaughter of the Prophet
62Fathima RufihaTamilMuslimModernMediumDaughter of the Prophet
63Fathima RufidaTamilMuslimModernMediumDaughter of the Prophet
64Fathima RuqsaTamilMuslimModernMediumDaughter of the Prophet
65Fathima RuqiyaTamilMuslimModernMediumDaughter of the Prophet
66Fathima RuksarTamilMuslimModernMediumDaughter of the Prophet
67Fathima RukshaTamilMuslimModernMediumDaughter of the Prophet
68Fathima RubinaTamilMuslimModernMediumDaughter of the Prophet
69Fathima FarihaTamilMuslimModernMediumJoyful
70Fathima ZaraTamilMuslimModernMediumBlossom
71Fathima ImanTamilMuslimModernMediumFaith
72Fathima SaniaTamilMuslimModernMediumBrilliant
73Fathima RaisaTamilMuslimModernMediumLeader
74Fathima SafiyaTamilMuslimModernMediumPure
75Fathima NaziaTamilMuslimModernMediumPrincess
76Fathima YasminTamilMuslimModernMediumJasmine
77Fathima InayaTamilMuslimModernMediumCare
78Fathima ZainabTamilMuslimModernMediumOrnament
79Fathima AminaTamilMuslimModernMediumTrustworthy
80Fathima AlinaTamilMuslimModernMediumBright
81Fathima SairaTamilMuslimModernMediumPrincess
82Fathima AyshaTamilMuslimModernMediumLively
83Fathima LailaTamilMuslimModernMediumNight
84Fathima YasiraTamilMuslimModernMediumWealthy
85Fathima MehakTamilMuslimModernMediumFragrance
86Fathima SalmaTamilMuslimModernMediumPeaceful
87Fathima SabiraTamilMuslimModernMediumPatient
88Fathima SuhanaTamilMuslimModernMediumBeautiful
89Fathima SumayaTamilMuslimModernMediumWise
90Fathima AyeshaTamilMuslimModernMediumLiving
91Fathima FazilahTamilMuslimModernMediumVirtuous
92Fathima ZohaTamilMuslimModernMediumLight
93Fathima FareedaTamilMuslimModernMediumUnique
94Fathima ZainTamilMuslimModernMediumBeauty
95Fathima SanaTamilMuslimModernMediumRadiant
96Fathima MuskaanTamilMuslimModernMediumSmile
97Fathima SafaTamilMuslimModernMediumPure
98Fathima NazimaTamilMuslimModernMediumLeader
99Fathima AlizaTamilMuslimModernMediumJoyful
100Fathima ZaraTamilMuslimModernMediumBlossom
101Fathima IqraTamilMuslimModernMediumRead
102Fathima SaidaTamilMuslimModernMediumFortunate
103Fathima ShabnamTamilMuslimModernMediumMorning dew
104Fathima RihabTamilMuslimModernMediumVastness
105Fathima DilshadTamilMuslimModernMediumHappy heart
106Fathima FareehaTamilMuslimModernMediumJoyful
107Fathima AzizaTamilMuslimModernMediumRespected
108Fathima AsimaTamilMuslimModernMediumGuardian
109Fathima AyeshaTamilMuslimModernMediumLiving
110Fathima ZahiraTamilMuslimModernMediumShining
111Fathima ZuwainaTamilMuslimModernMediumAdorned
112Fathima SadiyaTamilMuslimModernMediumFortunate
113Fathima RuwaidaTamilMuslimModernMediumSoft-spoken
114Fathima SakeenaTamilMuslimModernMediumSerene
115Fathima YasmeenTamilMuslimModernMediumJasmine
116Fathima RaziyaTamilMuslimModernMediumContent
117Fathima RuqaiyaTamilMuslimModernMediumGentle
118Fathima ShahiraTamilMuslimModernMediumNoble
119Fathima ZehraTamilMuslimModernMediumResplendent
120Fathima SalehaTamilMuslimModernMediumVirtuous
121Fathima InshaTamilMuslimModernMediumGratitude
122Fathima RafiaTamilMuslimModernMediumSublime
123Fathima SuhailaTamilMuslimModernMediumMoonlight
124Fathima SuraiyaTamilMuslimModernMediumStar
125Fathima SuhaTamilMuslimModernMediumForgiving
126Fathima RuwaydaTamilMuslimModernMediumGentle
127Fathima FalakTamilMuslimModernMediumSky
128Fathima ZainaTamilMuslimModernMediumBeauty
129Fathima SabeenTamilMuslimModernMediumBeautiful
130Fathima ShafiaTamilMuslimModernMediumCompassionate
131Fathima FizaTamilMuslimModernMediumBreeze
132Fathima MadihaTamilMuslimModernMediumPraiseworthy
133Fathima ZohaTamilMuslimModernMediumLight
134Fathima ZainabTamilMuslimModernMediumOrnament
135Fathima AfreenTamilMuslimModernMediumEncouragement
136Fathima SaadiaTamilMuslimModernMediumHappy
137Fathima SahiraTamilMuslimModernMediumWakeful
138Fathima FaihaTamilMuslimModernMediumTriumph
139Fathima SharifahTamilMuslimModernMediumNoble
140Fathima SameehaTamilMuslimModernMediumGenerous
141Fathima SaaraTamilMuslimModernMediumPure
142Fathima AmiraTamilMuslimModernMediumPrincess
143Fathima SaniyaTamilMuslimModernMediumRadiant
144Fathima FarhaTamilMuslimModernMediumHappiness
145Fathima FazeelaTamilMuslimModernMediumVirtuous
146Fathima SajidaTamilMuslimModernMediumProstrating
147Fathima HafsaTamilMuslimModernMediumGathering
148Fathima SuhailaTamilMuslimModernMediumMoonlight
149Fathima ShaziaTamilMuslimModernMediumFragrant
150Fathima RashidaTamilMuslimModernMediumRighteous
151Fathima RubabTamilMuslimModernMediumBreeze
152Fathima FirozaTamilMuslimModernMediumTurquoise
153Fathima ZahiraTamilMuslimModernMediumShining
154Fathima FareehaTamilMuslimModernMediumJoyful
155Fathima NaimaTamilMuslimModernMediumComfort
156Fathima RayanTamilMuslimModernMediumFlower
157Fathima SaimaTamilMuslimModernMediumSafe
158Fathima SaniyaTamilMuslimModernMediumRadiant
159Fathima ShireenTamilMuslimModernMediumSweet
160Fathima YasiraTamilMuslimModernMediumWealthy
161Fathima NisaTamilMuslimModernMediumWoman
162Fathima SafiyaTamilMuslimModernMediumPure
163Fathima HaleemaTamilMuslimModernMediumPatient
164Fathima RukaiyaTamilMuslimModernMediumGentle
165Fathima TasneemTamilMuslimModernMediumFountain
166Fathima ZainahTamilMuslimModernMediumBeauty
167Fathima GulzarTamilMuslimModernMediumRose garden
168Fathima ZareenTamilMuslimModernMediumGolden
169Fathima SakeenaTamilMuslimModernMediumSerene
170Fathima AfiaTamilMuslimModernMediumAlive
171Fathima ZaynabTamilMuslimModernMediumAdornment
172Fathima TahiraTamilMuslimModernMediumPure
173Fathima ArshiTamilMuslimModernMediumThrone
174Fathima ShabinaTamilMuslimModernMediumLuminous
175Fathima ZunairaTamilMuslimModernMediumIlluminated
176Fathima FariyaTamilMuslimModernMediumSuperiority
177Fathima RuksharTamilMuslimModernMediumBlossom
178Fathima SuhairaTamilMuslimModernMediumGlowing
179Fathima ZarinaTamilMuslimModernMediumGolden
180Fathima RaeesaTamilMuslimModernMediumLeader
181Fathima RabiaTamilMuslimModernMediumGarden
182Fathima ZaaraTamilMuslimModernMediumRadiant
183Fathima SalwaTamilMuslimModernMediumSolace
184Fathima ArshiyaTamilMuslimModernMediumHeavenly
185Fathima MahiraTamilMuslimModernMediumSkilled
186Fathima AarifaTamilMuslimModernMediumKnowledgeable
187Fathima MarwaTamilMuslimModernMediumTowering
188Fathima RameeshaTamilMuslimModernMediumIntelligent
189Fathima ShaimaTamilMuslimModernMediumLight
190Fathima AsiyaTamilMuslimModernMediumLively
191Fathima HooriyaTamilMuslimModernMediumHeavenly
192Fathima JannatTamilMuslimModernMediumParadise
193Fathima QamarTamilMuslimModernMediumMoon
194Fathima YasirahTamilMuslimModernMediumEnergetic
195Fathima HafizaTamilMuslimModernMediumGuardian
196Fathima LubnaTamilMuslimModernMediumRadiant
197Fathima YusraTamilMuslimModernMediumProsperous
198Fathima AairahTamilMuslimModernMediumNoble
199Fathima NusaybaTamilMuslimModernMediumWell-known
200Fathima AsbahTamilMuslimModernMediumPure

Tamil Baby Girl Names : A Mix of Tradition and Modernity

Tamil Baby Girl Names : Tamil culture is renowned for its deep-rooted traditions, art, music, and literature. This cultural richness is also reflected in Tamil names, which often carry profound meanings and significance. Whether you’re a Tamil native or simply appreciate the beauty of Tamil names, you’ll find plenty of options that combine tradition and modernity.

Tamil Baby Girl Names : Choosing a modern and unique Tamil name for your baby girl can be a delightful journey, and we’re here to help you navigate it. We’ll present a list of handpicked Tamil girl names that start with “F,” along with their meanings, origins, and a touch of contemporary style.

The Allure of Unique Names -Tamil Baby Girl Names

Unique names have a certain charm and individuality that sets them apart from the more common names. While traditional names have their own appeal, a unique name can give your child a distinct identity from an early age. It can also be a conversation starter and source of pride for your child as they grow.

When selecting a unique name for your baby girl, consider factors such as its pronunciation, how it sounds with your last name, and its meaning. It’s essential to choose a name that resonates with you and your family.

Tamil Girl Names Starting with “F”

Now, let’s dive into the world of unique Tamil girl names that begin with the letter “F.” Each name on this list comes with its own story, beauty, and significance:

1. Faranika (பாராணிகா)

Origin: Tamil
Meaning: A unique and modern name, Faranika is derived from the Tamil word “பாராணி,” which means “butterfly.” It symbolizes grace, transformation, and the beauty of nature.

2. Fathima (ஃபாதிமா)

Origin: Arabic influence on Tamil
Meaning: Fathima is a name of Arabic origin that has found its way into Tamil culture. It is often associated with the daughter of the Prophet Muhammad, symbolizing purity and virtue.

3. Fuvika (ஃபுவிகா)

Origin: Tamil
Meaning: Fuvika is a contemporary Tamil name that embodies the idea of blossoming or flourishing. It represents growth, prosperity, and beauty.

4. Fiyona (ஃபியோனா)

Origin: Tamil
Meaning: Fiyona is a modern Tamil name that exudes elegance and charm. It is a unique twist on the name Fiona, with a Tamil touch.

5. Falini (ஃபாலினி)

Origin: Tamil
Meaning: Falini is a name inspired by the word “ஃபல்” (phal), which means “fruit.” It signifies abundance, fertility, and the sweetness of life.

6. Ferina (ஃபெரினா)

Origin: Tamil
Meaning: Ferina is a melodious name that suggests uniqueness and beauty. It can also be associated with the idea of being free-spirited and adventurous.

7. Favisha (ஃபவிஷா)

Origin: Tamil
Meaning: Favisha is a name that combines “ஃபவ்” (phav), meaning “sky,” and “ஈஷா” (isha), meaning “goddess.” It symbolizes the celestial and divine, making it a name of grace and power.

8. Farelle (ஃபரெல்)

Origin: Tamil
Meaning: Farelle is a unique and contemporary Tamil name that carries a sense of charm and elegance. It is a name that stands out while still feeling culturally rich.

9. Fahina (ஃபாஹினா)

Origin: Tamil
Meaning: Fahina is a name that signifies brightness and radiance. It can be seen as a representation of a vibrant and energetic personality.

10. Femitha (ஃபெமிதா)

Origin: Tamil
Meaning: Femitha is a name that combines the Tamil word “ஃபெமி” (phemi), meaning “charm,” with the suffix “தா” (tha), indicating femininity. It reflects a charming and graceful demeanor.

The Significance of Choosing a Meaningful Name

Choosing a name for your baby is a significant decision, and in many cultures, including Tamil culture, names are believed to have a profound influence on a person’s life. It’s essential to select a name that resonates with you and your family’s values, aspirations, and hopes for your child’s future.

When considering a name, it’s also a good idea to understand its meaning and cultural context. Names often carry stories and traditions that can enrich your child’s sense of identity and heritage.

tamil baby girl names

Tips for Naming Your Baby Girl- Tamil Baby Girl Names

Naming your baby girl is a beautiful journey, but it can also be a challenging one. Here are a few hints to assist you in settling on the ideal decision:

1. Consider Family and Heritage:

Think about names that have significance in your family or culture. Names that honor your heritage can create a strong connection to your roots.

2. Meaning Matters:

Research the meanings of the names you’re considering. Choose one that resonates with you and conveys positive qualities or aspirations.

3. Pronunciation:

Ensure that the name is easy to pronounce and won’t lead to frequent mispronunciations or misspellings.

4. Initials and Surname:

Check how the initials of the first name combine with the initials of your last name to avoid any unintended associations or acronyms.

5. Uniqueness vs. Popularity:

Strike a balance between a unique name and one that’s not too unusual. You want your child to stand out but also feel comfortable with their name.

6. Consider the Future:

Think about how the name will age with your child. What may be cute for a baby may not suit a teenager or adult.

7. Consult with Family:

Discuss potential names with close family members or friends. They might share important experiences and ideas.

8. Test It Out:

Say the name out loud and imagine calling your child by that name. Does it feel right? Does it sound pleasing?

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Conclusion- Tamil Baby Girl Names

Tamil Baby Girl Names : Choosing a modern and unique Tamil baby girl name that starts with “F” can be an exciting journey, blending the beauty of tradition with the allure of individuality. Each name on our list offers a distinct charm and meaning, allowing you to find the perfect name for your precious daughter.

Tamil Baby Girl Names : Remember that a name is more than just a collection of letters; it’s a gift you give your child for a lifetime. Take your time, explore different options, and, most importantly, choose a name that fills your heart with joy and pride. May your daughter’s name be a source of beauty and inspiration throughout her life.

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