Tamil Baby Girl Names Starting with “I” 2023

Modern and Unique Tamil Baby Girl Names Starting with “I”

Discover modern and unique Tamil baby girl names that start with “I” in this comprehensive guide. Explore their meanings and cultural significance while choosing the perfect name for your little one, bridging tradition and contemporary style.

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Tamil Baby Girl Names : Are you expecting a beautiful baby girl and want to give her a name that’s both modern and unique? Look no further! In this comprehensive guide, we’ll explore a handpicked selection of Tamil baby girl names that start with the letter “I.” Tamil culture is rich with history and tradition, and naming your child with a Tamil name can be a wonderful way to celebrate this heritage. We’ve carefully curated a list of names that are not only stylish but also have meaningful cultural significance. Whether you’re of Tamil origin or simply appreciate the beauty of Tamil names, you’re sure to find the perfect name for your little one in this list.

Tamil Baby Girl names

The Significance of Tamil Names

Tamil baby names have a deep cultural and historical significance. They often reflect the values, beliefs, and traditions of the Tamil people. When choosing a Tamil name for your baby girl, you’re not only giving her a beautiful moniker but also connecting her to a rich heritage that dates back thousands of years.

The Letter “I” in Tamil Names

In this article, we’re focusing on Tamil baby girl names that start with the letter “I.” The letter “I” offers a unique and melodious sound that can make a name stand out. It’s a popular choice among parents who want their child’s name to be distinctive. Let’s dive into the list of modern and unique Tamil girl names starting with “I.”

Table: Modern and Unique Tamil Girl Names Starting with “I”

IshaGoddess of wealth
IndumathiThe Moon
IsaiarasiQueen of music
InthumathiSweet as the Moon

pure Tamil baby girl names and unique tamil baby girl names from 1 to 200:
7InbamalarTamilHinduUniqueLongJoyful Flower
11IlamathiTamilHinduModernLongYouthful Moon
13IthayalakshmiTamilHinduModernLongGoddess of Love
15IyalisaiTamilHinduModernLongMusic of the World
17IlavenilTamilHinduModernLongYouthful Sky
18IniyanTamilHinduModernShortSweet Nature
19IshaniTamilHinduModernShortConsort of Lord Shiva
20IlamuruguTamilHinduModernLongYouthful God Murugan
21InbanilaTamilHinduUniqueLongJoyful Moon
22IyalviliTamilHinduModernLongSkillful and Beautiful
24IlavarasiTamilHinduModernLongYouthful Princess
25InithraTamilHinduModernMediumBeautiful Moon
26IlamayilTamilHinduModernLongYouthful Peacock
29IniyanthiTamilHinduModernLongSweet and Beautiful
30IsainilaTamilHinduModernMediumMusic of the Moon
31IlamalarTamilHinduModernLongYouthful Flower
32IrandamkalyaniTamilHinduModernLongSecond Marriage
33InbanayagiTamilHinduUniqueLongJoyful Goddess
36IniyaazhiniTamilHinduUniqueLongSweet and Beautiful
39InthumathiTamilHinduUniqueLongLovely Moon
43IniyavalTamilHinduModernLongSweet Nature
45IniyadharshiniTamilHinduModernLongSweet and Beautiful Vision
46IsaiarasiTamilHinduModernLongQueen of Music
47IniyavaniTamilHinduModernLongSweet Voice
50IlankumaranTamilHinduModernLongYouthful Prince
51InbavalliTamilHinduUniqueLongJoyful and Beautiful
52IshanyaTamilHinduModernMediumNorth Direction
53IniyanithaTamilHinduModernLongSweet and Beautiful
55IlamazhilTamilHinduModernLongYouthful Beauty
56InithanithiTamilHinduUniqueLongSweet Moon
58IniyanilaTamilHinduModernLongSweet and Moon
59IsainangaiTamilHinduModernMediumMusic of Beauty
60IvaliniTamilHinduUniqueMediumWoman with Good Character
61InthumathiyaTamilHinduUniqueLongMoon with Joy
63IlakiyadeviTamilHinduModernLongLiterary Goddess
64IniyanambiTamilHinduModernLongSweet and Beautiful
65IraivanithiTamilHinduModernLongDaughter of God
66InbanithiyaTamilHinduUniqueLongJoyful Moon
68IlamayaliniTamilHinduModernLongYouthful and Beautiful
69IsaimozhiTamilHinduModernMediumMusic of Speech
70IyyanarTamilHinduModernShortGod of Wisdom
71IshanviTamilHinduModernMediumGoddess Parvati
72InbaezhilmalarTamilHinduUniqueLongJoyful and Beautiful Flower
73IniyaaswiniTamilHinduModernLongSweet and Beautiful Star
74IlayamalarTamilHinduModernLongYouthful Flower
75IswaryanTamilHinduModernMediumGoddess of Prosperity
76IniyamagalTamilHinduModernLongSweet Daughter
77IlamkiliTamilHinduModernShortYouthful Parrot
78ImaniyazhiniTamilHinduUniqueLongPrecious and Beautiful
79IsairasiTamilHinduModernLongQueen of Music
82IniyanthikaTamilHinduModernMediumSweet and Radiant
83IswaryapriyaTamilHinduModernMediumBeloved of Prosperity
84IlampuyalTamilHinduModernLongYouthful Storm
85IniyabharathiTamilHinduModernLongSweet Flame
86IshalakshmiTamilHinduModernLongGoddess of Prosperity
87IniyaarasiTamilHinduModernLongSweet Queen
88IlanthiraiTamilHinduModernLongYouthful Wave
89InbanithiTamilHinduUniqueLongJoyful Moon
90IshvithikaTamilHinduModernMediumRadiant and Beautiful
91IshanikaTamilHinduModernMediumGoddess Parvati
92IniyanithiyaTamilHinduModernLongSweet and Radiant Moon
93IsaiyiniTamilHinduModernMediumMusic of Radiance
94InbamathiTamilHinduModernMediumJoyful Moonlight
96IlamaniTamilHinduModernMediumYouthful Gem
97IniyanalTamilHinduModernLongSweet and Beautiful
98IswaryaraniTamilHinduModernLongQueen of Prosperity
99IyalmaniTamilHinduModernLongSkillful and Youthful Gem
101IswaryamalarTamilHinduModernLongProsperous Flower
102InbanithishiniTamilHinduUniqueLongJoyful Moonlight
103IniyanayagiTamilHinduModernLongSweet Goddess
104IshalakshitaTamilHinduModernLongRadiant Prosperity
105ImaniyazhiniTamilHinduUniqueLongPrecious and Beautiful
106IshwaryapriyaTamilHinduModernMediumBeloved of Prosperity
107IlampuyaliniTamilHinduModernLongYouthful Storm
108IniyaarasiTamilHinduModernLongSweet Queen
109IlanthiraiTamilHinduModernLongYouthful Wave
110InbanithiyaTamilHinduUniqueLongJoyful Moon
111IshvithikaTamilHinduModernMediumRadiant and Beautiful
112IshanikaTamilHinduModernMediumGoddess Parvati
113IniyanithiyaTamilHinduModernLongSweet and Radiant Moon
114IsaiyiniTamilHinduModernMediumMusic of Radiance
115InbamathiTamilHinduModernMediumJoyful Moonlight
117IlamaniTamilHinduModernMediumYouthful Gem
118IniyanalTamilHinduModernLongSweet and Beautiful
119IswaryaraniTamilHinduModernLongQueen of Prosperity
120IyalmaniTamilHinduModernLongSkillful and Youthful Gem
122IniyanathiTamilHinduModernLongSweet and Prosperous
123InithrajaTamilHinduUniqueMediumMoon of Victory
124IshikaaniTamilHinduModernLongSacred and Beautiful
125IlamayooriTamilHinduModernLongYouthful and Radiant
126IndrajaTamilHinduModernMediumDaughter of Indra
127IshwariyamalarTamilHinduModernLongGoddess of Prosperous Flower
128IsaimalarTamilHinduModernMediumMusic of Flowers
129InbanandhiniTamilHinduUniqueLongJoyful and Beautiful
130IshvithiyaTamilHinduModernLongRadiant Goddess
131IniyanthiniTamilHinduModernLongSweet and Radiant
132IshithrithaTamilHinduModernLongDesired Beauty
133InbanitharaTamilHinduUniqueLongJoyful Star
134IshanvithaTamilHinduModernMediumGoddess Parvati
135InbanithiyaTamilHinduUniqueLongJoyful Radiance
136IshwaryadeviTamilHinduModernMediumGoddess of Prosperity
137IniyanaliniTamilHinduModernLongSweet and Beautiful
138IsaimozhiniTamilHinduModernMediumMusic of Speech
139IndhumalarTamilHinduModernMediumMoonlight Flower
140IniyanithyaaTamilHinduModernLongSweet and Radiant Moon
141IlakkiyamalarTamilHinduModernLongLiterary Flower
142IsainithiyaTamilHinduModernMediumMusic of Radiance
143InbanithiyaTamilHinduUniqueLongJoyful Radiance
144IshwaryaliniTamilHinduModernLongRadiant and Beautiful
145IniyanithikaTamilHinduModernLongSweet and Radiant
146IshwaryamaniTamilHinduModernLongJewel of Prosperity
147InbanitharaaTamilHinduUniqueLongJoyful Star
148IshvithikaaTamilHinduModernMediumRadiant and Beautiful
150IlandhiraTamilHinduModernMediumYouthful Moon
151IniyanithaTamilHinduModernLongSweet and Prosperous
152InithraniTamilHinduUniqueMediumMoon Goddess
153IshikarithaTamilHinduModernLongSacred Beauty
154IswaryalakshmiTamilHinduModernLongGoddess of Prosperity and Beauty
155IniyaniruthiTamilHinduModernLongSweet Melody
156IsainayagiTamilHinduModernLongMusic Goddess
157IndumalarTamilHinduModernMediumMoonlight Flower
158IyyadhuraiTamilHinduModernMediumBrave Leader
159IshalakshitaTamilHinduModernLongRadiant Prosperity
160IniyanitharaniTamilHinduModernMediumSweet and Prosperous Goddess
161IswarthiniTamilHinduModernLongGoddess of Prosperity
162IniyanithiyaTamilHinduModernLongSweet and Radiant Moon
163IshithrithaTamilHinduModernLongDesired Beauty
164InbanitharaTamilHinduUniqueLongJoyful Star
165IshanvithaTamilHinduModernMediumGoddess Parvati
166InbanithiyaTamilHinduUniqueLongJoyful Radiance
167IshwaryadeviTamilHinduModernMediumGoddess of Prosperity
168IniyanaliniTamilHinduModernLongSweet and Beautiful
169IsaimozhiniTamilHinduModernMediumMusic of Speech
170IndhumalarTamilHinduModernMediumMoonlight Flower
171IniyanithyaaTamilHinduModernLongSweet and Radiant Moon
172IlakkiyamalarTamilHinduModernLongLiterary Flower
173IsainithiyaTamilHinduModernMediumMusic of Radiance
174InbanithiyaTamilHinduUniqueLongJoyful Radiance
175IshwaryaliniTamilHinduModernLongRadiant and Beautiful
176IniyanithikaTamilHinduModernLongSweet and Radiant
177IshwaryamaniTamilHinduModernLongJewel of Prosperity
178InbanitharaaTamilHinduUniqueLongJoyful Star
179IshvithikaaTamilHinduModernMediumRadiant and Beautiful
181IlandhiraTamilHinduModernMediumYouthful Moon
182IniyanithaTamilHinduModernLongSweet and Prosperous
183InithraniTamilHinduUniqueMediumMoon Goddess
184IshikarithaTamilHinduModernLongSacred Beauty
185IswaryalakshmiTamilHinduModernLongGoddess of Prosperity and Beauty
186IniyaniruthiTamilHinduModernLongSweet Melody
187IsainayagiTamilHinduModernLongMusic Goddess
188IndumalarTamilHinduModernMediumMoonlight Flower
189IyyadhuraiTamilHinduModernMediumBrave Leader
190IshalakshitaTamilHinduModernLongRadiant Prosperity
191IniyanitharaniTamilHinduModernMediumSweet and Prosperous Goddess
192IswarthiniTamilHinduModernLongGoddess of Prosperity
193IniyanithiyaTamilHinduModernLongSweet and Radiant Moon
194IshithrithaTamilHinduModernLongDesired Beauty
195InbanitharaTamilHinduUniqueLongJoyful Star
196IshanvithaTamilHinduModernMediumGoddess Parvati
197InbanithiyaTamilHinduUniqueLongJoyful Radiance
198IshwaryadeviTamilHinduModernMediumGoddess of Prosperity
199IniyanaliniTamilHinduModernLongSweet and Beautiful
200IsaimozhiniTamilHinduModernMediumMusic of Speech

Choosing the Perfect Name– Tamil Baby Girl Names

While choosing a name for your child young lady, there are a few elements to consider. You’ll want a name that not only sounds beautiful but also has a positive meaning. Additionally, it’s important to think about how the name might be abbreviated or used as a nickname. Here are a few hints to assist you with picking the ideal name:

1. Meaning

The meaning of a name is often one of the most significant factors for parents. Each of the Tamil names listed in the table above comes with a unique and beautiful meaning. Consider what resonates with you and your family.

2. Pronunciation

Make sure the name you choose is easy to pronounce for both your family and others. You don’t want your child to struggle with her own name or have others mispronounce it.

3. Nicknames

Consider potential nicknames that could emerge from the name you pick. Some names have more obvious nicknames, while others may not have any at all. Ensure you’re comfortable with the potential nicknames that could arise.

4. Cultural Significance

Tamil names have a strong cultural significance. Consider whether you want a name that reflects your Tamil heritage and traditions.

Naming Trends

Naming trends are constantly evolving, and modern Tamil baby girl names are no exception. While traditional names like “Indira” and “Indumathi” remain timeless, there are also newer names like “Iyalisai” and “Inthumathi” that have a contemporary feel while preserving Tamil cultural roots. Mixing tradition with modernity allows parents to find names that are both stylish and meaningful.

Combining Names– Tamil Baby Girl Names

Another trend in Tamil baby name is the combination of two names to create a unique and special moniker. For example, you could combine “Iniyaa” and “Ishika” to create the name “Iniya Ishika,” which means “Sweet and Sacred.” This approach allows you to celebrate multiple qualities or attributes you wish for your child to possess.

Table: Combined Tamil Girl Names

Combined NameMeaning
Iniya IshikaSweet and Sacred
Indumathi IshaMoon Goddess of Wealth
Iyalisai InbamMusical Happiness
Iniya IndiraSweet and Beautiful
Ishika IlakiyaSacred Poetess
Inthumathi IsaiarasiMoon Queen of Music

Celebrating Tamil Heritage

Tamil culture is known for its rich traditions, art, music, and literature. When you choose a Tamil name for your baby girl, you’re celebrating this heritage and passing it on to the next generation. Tamil names often have poetic and melodic qualities, making them a joy to pronounce and hear.

Honoring Family and Ancestors

Many families choose to honor their ancestors by giving their child a name that carries the legacy of those who came before. This tradition helps keep family history alive and strengthens the bonds between generations.

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Naming your baby girl is a momentous decision, and choosing a name that is both modern and unique while celebrating your Tamil heritage can be a rewarding experience. The list of Tamil girl names starting with “I” offers a range of options, each with its own charm and meaning. Remember to consider the significance of the name, pronunciation, potential nicknames, and how it resonates with your family’s culture and traditions.

Ultimately, the perfect name for your baby girl is one that brings you joy and represents the hopes and dreams you have for her. Whether you choose a traditional Tamil name like “Indira” or a more contemporary option like “Iyalisai,” your child’s name will be a source of pride and love as she grows and thrives in your family. Congratulations on this exciting journey of parenthood, and may you find the ideal name that truly suits your precious little one!

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