Tamil Baby Boy Names Starting with “K” 2023

Modern and Unique Tamil Boy baby Names Starting with “K”

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Tamil Baby Boy Names : When it comes to naming your baby boy, choosing a modern and unique name can be a delightful endeavor. If you’re looking to explore Tamil culture and history while also seeking a name that starts with the letter “K,” you’re in the right place. Tamil names are rich in tradition and meaning, and they often reflect the beauty of the language and its heritage.

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In this comprehensive guide, we’ll provide you with a carefully curated list of modern and unique Tamil boy names that start with the letter “K.” Whether you’re of Tamil descent or simply appreciate the culture, these names will stand out and make a meaningful choice for your little one.

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Table of Contents

  1. Introduction
  2. Tamil Naming Traditions
  3. Modern and Unique “K” Names for Boys
    • 3.1. Meaningful “K” Names
    • 3.2. Trendy “K” Names
  4. Choosing the Perfect Name
  5. Conclusion

1. Introduction- Tamil Baby Boy Names

Choosing a name for your baby is a momentous decision, one that will stay with them for a lifetime. It’s a reflection of their identity and a connection to their heritage. For parents seeking modern and unique Tamil boy names that begin with “K,” this guide will provide a diverse selection of names, each with its own distinct charm and significance.

2. Tamil Naming Traditions- Tamil Baby Boy Names

Before diving into our list of names, it’s important to understand the naming conventions and traditions of Tamil culture. Tamil names often carry deep meanings and are typically chosen with great care. They can be inspired by a variety of sources, including nature, mythology, and spirituality.

In Tamil Nadu, it’s common for children to have two names: a given name and a surname. The given name is the one we will focus on in this guide, as it holds the most personal and cultural significance.

Modern Tamil baby boy names and pure Tamil baby boy names from 1 to 200:
1KailashTamilHinduModernMediumLord of the Himalayas
2KavinTamilHinduUniqueShortBeautiful and Handsome
3KarthikTamilHinduModernMediumThe One Who Bestows Courage
4KeshavTamilHinduModernMediumAnother Name for Lord Krishna
6KrishnanTamilHinduModernMediumAnother Name for Lord Krishna
9KaushikTamilHinduModernMediumAn Ancient Sage
12KiranTamilHinduModernShortRay of Light
14KalyanramTamilHinduModernLongAuspicious and Lord Rama
15KishanTamilHinduModernMediumAnother Name for Lord Krishna
16KavinashTamilHinduUniqueMediumOne with Beautiful Eyes
17KarthikeyanTamilHinduModernLongAnother Name for Lord Murugan
18KumareshTamilHinduModernLongLord Murugan
19KaushalTamilHinduModernMediumClever and Skillful
20KandavelTamilHinduModernLongAnother Name for Lord Murugan
21KamleshTamilHinduModernMediumLord of Perfection
22KarthiTamilHinduModernShortOne with a Beautiful Face
23KailasanTamilHinduModernLongLord Shiva
24KishanrajTamilHinduModernLongKing of Lord Krishna
25KavirajTamilHinduModernMediumKing of Poets
26KaviyanTamilHinduModernMediumPoet and Creative
27KaustubhTamilHinduModernLongA Rare Gem
28KeshavanTamilHinduModernLongLord Krishna
29KaushikrajTamilHinduModernLongKing of the Skies
30KarthickTamilHinduModernMediumAnother Name for Lord Murugan
31KailashnathTamilHinduModernLongLord Shiva
32KavinrajTamilHinduModernLongKing of Beauty
33KaviarasuTamilHinduModernLongKing of Poets
34KrishnarajTamilHinduModernLongKing of Lord Krishna
35KausalyanTamilHinduModernLongLord Rama
36KarthikeyaTamilHinduModernLongAnother Name for Lord Murugan
38KandanTamilHinduModernMediumAnother Name for Lord Murugan
39KaushalrajTamilHinduModernLongKing of Cleverness
40KaranrajTamilHinduModernLongKing of Cleverness
41KavirajanTamilHinduModernLongKing of Poets
42KishorekumarTamilHinduModernLongYouthful and Princely
44KaushikramTamilHinduModernLongClever and Princely
45KishanlalTamilHinduModernLongLord Krishna
46KausikanTamilHinduModernMediumAnother Name for Lord Murugan
47KailashwarTamilHinduModernLongLord Shiva
48KarthikeyanTamilHinduModernLongAnother Name for Lord Murugan
49KavikumarTamilHinduModernMediumPoet and Prince
50KameshTamilHinduModernShortLord of Desire
51KaruppasamyTamilHinduModernLongDark Lord (Lord Murugan)
52KishorilalTamilHinduModernLongYouthful and Beloved
53KausikanthTamilHinduModernLongAnother Name for Lord Murugan
54KarunakaranTamilHinduModernMediumCompassionate and Kind
55KarthikramTamilHinduModernLongProsperous and Courageous
56KameshwaranTamilHinduModernLongLord of Desire
57KaviarasanTamilHinduModernLongKing of Poets
58KishorebabuTamilHinduModernLongYouthful and Gentle
59KaushikrajTamilHinduModernLongKing of Cleverness
60KailashnathTamilHinduModernLongLord of Mount Kailash
61KarunakumarTamilHinduModernMediumCompassionate and Gentle
62KavirajeshTamilHinduModernLongKing of Poets
63KrishnarajanTamilHinduModernLongKing of Lord Krishna
64KausikananTamilHinduModernMediumAnother Name for Lord Murugan
65KishenTamilHinduModernShortAnother Name for Lord Krishna
66KaushalyanTamilHinduModernLongLord Rama
67KarthikeyanTamilHinduModernLongAnother Name for Lord Murugan
68KavithasanTamilHinduModernLongPoet and Compassionate
69KishorekannanTamilHinduModernLongYouthful and Radiant
70KailashwaranTamilHinduModernLongLord Shiva
71KarthikrajTamilHinduModernLongProsperous and Kingly
72KavitharajTamilHinduModernLongKing of Poets
73KishorekumarTamilHinduModernLongYouthful and Princely
74KarunakarrajTamilHinduModernLongCompassionate King
75KausikaramTamilHinduModernLongClever and Prosperous
76KishorilalanTamilHinduModernLongYouthful and Beloved
77KarthikeyarajTamilHinduModernLongKing of Lord Murugan
78KavirajkumarTamilHinduModernLongKing of Poets and Princes
79KrishnakanthTamilHinduModernLongLover of Lord Krishna
80KailashnathanTamilHinduModernLongLord of Mount Kailash
81KarunakarunTamilHinduModernMediumCompassionate and Gentle
82KavitharajanTamilHinduModernLongKing of Poets
83KishoreprabhuTamilHinduModernLongYouthful and Divine
84KaushikramanTamilHinduModernLongClever and Prosperous
85KishenrajTamilHinduModernLongKing of Lord Krishna
86KausikanthiTamilHinduModernLongRadiant Like Lord Murugan
87KarthikarajTamilHinduModernLongKing of Courage
88KavithakumarTamilHinduModernLongPoet and Prince
89KrishnakumarTamilHinduModernLongPrince Devotee of Lord Krishna
90KailashkumarTamilHinduModernLongLord of Mount Kailash
91KarunakarrajTamilHinduModernLongCompassionate King
92KavirajrajTamilHinduModernLongKing of Poets and Kings
93KishoredevTamilHinduModernLongDivine and Youthful
94KaushikdevTamilHinduModernLongDivine and Clever
95KishenlalTamilHinduModernLongBeloved Lord Krishna
96KausikaramanTamilHinduModernLongProsperous and Clever
97KarthikarajanTamilHinduModernLongKing of Creativity
98KavithaprabhuTamilHinduModernLongPrince of Poets
99KrishnakannanTamilHinduModernLongBeloved Lord Krishna
100KailashanTamilHinduModernLongLord of Mount Kailash
101KarthikramanTamilHinduModernLongProsperous and Brave
102KameshwarTamilHinduModernLongLord of Desire
103KaviarasanTamilHinduModernLongKing of Poets
104KishorebabuTamilHinduModernLongYouthful and Gentle
105KaushikrajTamilHinduModernLongKing of Cleverness
106KailashnathTamilHinduModernLongLord of Mount Kailash
107KarunakumarTamilHinduModernMediumCompassionate and Gentle
108KavirajeshTamilHinduModernLongKing of Poets
109KrishnarajanTamilHinduModernLongKing of Lord Krishna
110KausikananTamilHinduModernMediumAnother Name for Lord Murugan
111KishenTamilHinduModernShortAnother Name for Lord Krishna
112KaushalyanTamilHinduModernLongLord Rama
113KarthikeyanTamilHinduModernLongAnother Name for Lord Murugan
114KavithasanTamilHinduModernLongPoet and Compassionate
115KishorekannanTamilHinduModernLongYouthful and Radiant
116KailashwaranTamilHinduModernLongLord Shiva
117KarthikrajTamilHinduModernLongProsperous and Kingly
118KavitharajTamilHinduModernLongKing of Poets
119KishoreprabhuTamilHinduModernLongYouthful and Divine
120KaushikramanTamilHinduModernLongClever and Prosperous
121KishenrajTamilHinduModernLongKing of Lord Krishna
122KausikanthiTamilHinduModernLongRadiant Like Lord Murugan
123KarthikarajTamilHinduModernLongKing of Courage
124KavithakumarTamilHinduModernLongPoet and Prince
125KrishnakumarTamilHinduModernLongPrince Devotee of Lord Krishna
126KailashkumarTamilHinduModernLongLord of Mount Kailash
127KarunakarrajTamilHinduModernLongCompassionate King
128KavirajrajTamilHinduModernLongKing of Poets and Kings
129KishoredevTamilHinduModernLongDivine and Youthful
130KaushikdevTamilHinduModernLongDivine and Clever
131KishenlalTamilHinduModernLongBeloved Lord Krishna
132KausikaramanTamilHinduModernLongProsperous and Clever
133KarthikarajanTamilHinduModernLongKing of Creativity
134KavithaprabhuTamilHinduModernLongPrince of Poets
135KrishnakannanTamilHinduModernLongBeloved Lord Krishna
136KailashanTamilHinduModernLongLord of Mount Kailash
137KarthikrishiTamilHinduModernLongProsperous and Wise
138KaviramanTamilHinduModernLongPoet and Radiant
139KishorekumarTamilHinduModernLongYouthful and Princely
140KarunakarananTamilHinduModernLongCompassionate and Kind
141KausikarajTamilHinduModernLongKing of Cleverness
142KailashnathanTamilHinduModernLongLord of Mount Kailash
143KarthikshivaTamilHinduModernLongProsperous Lord Shiva
144KavithakumaranTamilHinduModernLongPoet and Prince
145KrishnamurthyTamilHinduModernLongDevotee of Lord Krishna
146KailasheshwarTamilHinduModernLongLord of Mount Kailash
147KarunakardevTamilHinduModernLongCompassionate and Divine
148KausikadevTamilHinduModernLongDivine and Clever
149KishenramTamilHinduModernLongBeloved Lord Rama
150KaushikramTamilHinduModernLongClever and Prosperous
151KarthikrishiTamilHinduModernLongProsperous and Wise
152KaviramanTamilHinduModernLongPoet and Radiant
153KishorekumarTamilHinduModernLongYouthful and Princely
154KarunakarananTamilHinduModernLongCompassionate and Kind
155KausikarajTamilHinduModernLongKing of Cleverness
156KailashnathanTamilHinduModernLongLord of Mount Kailash
157KarthikshivaTamilHinduModernLongProsperous Lord Shiva
158KavithakumaranTamilHinduModernLongPoet and Prince
159KrishnamurthyTamilHinduModernLongDevotee of Lord Krishna
160KailasheshwarTamilHinduModernLongLord of Mount Kailash
161KarunakardevTamilHinduModernLongCompassionate and Divine
162KausikadevTamilHinduModernLongDivine and Clever
163KishenramTamilHinduModernLongBeloved Lord Rama
164KaushikramTamilHinduModernLongClever and Prosperous
165KarthikrishnaTamilHinduModernLongProsperous Lord Krishna
166KaviraghuTamilHinduModernLongPoet and Virtuous
167KishorekrishnaTamilHinduModernLongYouthful Lord Krishna
168KaushiklalTamilHinduModernLongClever and Beloved
169KarthikprabhuTamilHinduModernLongProsperous and Divine
170KavitharishiTamilHinduModernLongPoet and Wise
171KishorenathTamilHinduModernLongYouthful Lord Shiva
172KaushiknathTamilHinduModernLongClever Lord Shiva
173KarthikdevTamilHinduModernLongDivine and Prosperous
174KavithasreeTamilHinduModernLongPoet and Glorious
175KrishnakumarTamilHinduModernLongSon of Lord Krishna
176KailashkumarTamilHinduModernLongLord of Mount Kailash
177KarunakardevaTamilHinduModernLongCompassionate Deity
178KausikalingamTamilHinduModernLongClever and Radiant
179KishenrajeshTamilHinduModernLongLord Krishna’s King
180KailasheshwarTamilHinduModernLongLord of Mount Kailash
181KarunakardevanTamilHinduModernLongCompassionate Deity
182KausikalinganTamilHinduModernLongClever and Radiant
183KishenrajeshwariTamilHinduModernLongLord Krishna’s Queen
184KaushikadevaTamilHinduModernLongDivine and Clever
185KishorekanthTamilHinduModernLongYouthful Radiance
186KarthikdevanTamilHinduModernLongDivine and Prosperous
187KavithaprabhuTamilHinduModernLongPrince of Poets
188KrishnakannanTamilHinduModernLongBeloved Lord Krishna
189KailashanTamilHinduModernLongLord of Mount Kailash
190KarthikrishiTamilHinduModernLongProsperous and Wise
191KaviramanTamilHinduModernLongPoet and Radiant
192KishorekumarTamilHinduModernLongYouthful and Princely
193KarunakarananTamilHinduModernLongCompassionate and Kind
194KausikarajTamilHinduModernLongKing of Cleverness
195KailashnathanTamilHinduModernLongLord of Mount Kailash
196KarthikshivaTamilHinduModernLongProsperous Lord Shiva
197KavithakumaranTamilHinduModernLongPoet and Prince
198KrishnamurthyTamilHinduModernLongDevotee of Lord Krishna
199KailasheshwarTamilHinduModernLongLord of Mount Kailash
200KarunakardevTamilHinduModernLongCompassionate and Divine

3. Modern and Unique “K” Names for Boys

Now, let’s explore a selection of modern and unique Tamil boy names that start with the letter “K.” We’ve categorized them into two sections: meaningful “K” names and trendy “K” names.

3.1. Meaningful “K” Names

NameTamil Baby Boy Names-MeaningPronunciation
KishoreLord Krishnakee-shor
KaushikA sage’s namekow-sheek
KirthikA starkeer-thik
KarthikA Hindu monthkar-thik
Tamil Baby Boy Names Table

Meaning: Derived from the Tamil word for “beauty,” Kavin is a name that reflects the beauty you see in your precious child.


Meaning: A name that invokes the blessings of Lord Krishna, Kishore is a popular and timeless choice among Tamil families.


Meaning: This name is associated with sage Kaushika and carries the wisdom and tranquility of a sage.


Meaning: Named after a star, Kirthik signifies brightness and the potential for a shining future.


Meaning: Linked to the Tamil month of Kartika, Karthik is a name that carries cultural significance and marks a time of festivities.


Meaning: A name that signifies auspiciousness, Kalyan brings blessings and positive energy to your child’s life.

3.2. Trendy “K” Names

NameTamil Baby Boy Names- MeaningPronunciation
KiranRay of lightkee-ruhn
KailashLord Shiva’s abodekye-lash
KeshavAnother name for Lord Krishnake-shav
KrishShort for Krishnakrish
KedarA name of Lord Shivakee-dar
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Meaning: A name that represents a ray of light, Kiran symbolizes hope and brightness.


Meaning: Named after Lord Shiva’s abode in the Himalayas, Kailash is a name that holds spiritual significance.


Meaning: Keshav is another name for Lord Krishna, making it a name rich in devotion and spirituality.


Meaning: If you hope for your child to be a poet or have a way with words, Kavi is a fitting name.


Meaning: A shortened form of Krishna, Krish is a trendy and contemporary choice.


Meaning: This name is associated with Lord Shiva and represents strength and divinity.

4. Choosing the Perfect Name

Selecting the perfect name for your baby boy is a personal and heartfelt decision. As you explore these modern and unique Tamil boy names that start with “K,” consider the following tips:

  • Meaning: Think about the meaning behind each name and how it resonates with you and your family.
  • Sound: Pay attention to the sound and pronunciation of the name to ensure it flows well with your last name.
  • Cultural Significance: Consider whether the name has cultural or historical significance for your family.
  • Uniqueness: While trendy names can be appealing, also consider a name that is unique and meaningful to you.

5. Conclusion- Tamil Baby Boy Names

In the world of baby names, Tamil culture offers a treasure trove of beautiful and meaningful options. Whether you prefer a name with deep cultural roots or a trendy, modern choice, these “K” names provide a diverse range of options for your little one.

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Remember, the most important thing is to choose a name that resonates with you and your family, one that your child will carry proudly throughout their life. We hope this guide has been a valuable resource in your quest for the perfect modern and unique Tamil boy name starting with “K.” May your child’s name be a source of joy, pride, and cultural connection for years to come.

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