Tamil Boy Names starting with “M” 2023

Unique Tamil Boy Names Starting with M

“Discover the beauty of unique Tamil boy names starting with ‘M’ and their cultural significance. Explore modern and traditional choices while preserving your Tamil heritage in this comprehensive guide.”

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Introduction-Tamil Boy Names

Choosing a name for your baby is a significant decision. It’s not just a label; it’s a reflection of cultural heritage, family tradition, and the hope and love you have for your child. In Tamil culture, names hold special significance, and parents often seek unique and meaningful names for their newborns. In this article, we’ll explore some distinctive Tamil boy names that start with the letter “M.”

Tamil boy names

Pure Tamil Baby Boy Names

Tamil culture places great importance on preserving its purity, including in the names given to children. Names that are deeply rooted in Tamil tradition and language are considered to be pure Tamil names. Some examples include “Arvind” (meaning “lotus”) and “Karthik” (referring to the Tamil month).

Modern Tamil Baby boy Names in Trends

While preserving tradition is essential, modern parents are increasingly opting for names that reflect contemporary values and trends. Modern Tamil names often combine the richness of tradition with a touch of modernity. Names like “Mihir” (meaning “sunbeam”) and “Madhavan” (meaning “sweet and lovable”) strike this balance beautifully.

Unique Tamil Boy Names Starting with M

Here’s a list of unique Tamil boy names starting with the letter “M,” along with their meanings and pronunciations:

NameTamil Boy Names MeaningPronunciation
MadhavanSweet and lovableMah-duh-vuhn
MaheshLord ShivaMah-aysh
ManikandanOne with a gem-like neckMah-nee-kahn-dun
MukeshLord of the dumbMoo-kaysh
ManojBorn of the mindMah-noh-j
MuraliFlute playerMoo-rah-lee
MahendranThe great oneMa-hen-drun
MithranFriend or sunMith-ruhn
MuruganLord Murugan (God of war)Moo-roo-guhn
MadhavanSweet and lovableMah-duh-vuhn
ManivelLord Murugan’s spearMah-nee-vell
MaaranBrave and courageousMa-ah-ran

These unique names not only have beautiful meanings but also roll off the tongue with grace.

Tips for Choosing the Perfect Name

When choosing a name for your baby, keep the following tips in mind:

  1. Cultural Significance: Consider names that hold cultural significance in your family or Tamil tradition.
  2. Ease of Pronunciation: Opt for names that are easy to pronounce and spell to avoid confusion.
  3. Personal Meaning: Choose a name that carries a special meaning or significance to you and your family

tamil baby boy names from 1 to 200
1MithranTamilHinduModernShortSun God
2MadhavTamilHinduModernShortAnother name for Lord Krishna
3ManikamTamilHinduUniqueMediumGem or Jewel
6MaheshTamilHinduModernMediumGreat Ruler
7MukeshTamilHinduModernMediumLord Shiva
9MadhusudanTamilHinduModernLongLord Krishna
13MahendranTamilHinduModernMediumThe Great King
14MuraliTamilHinduModernShortFlute Player
15ManikandanTamilHinduUniqueLongLord Murugan
16ManojTamilHinduModernShortGod of Mind
18ManikantaTamilHinduUniqueLongLord Ayyappan
20MaheshwarTamilHinduModernMediumLord Shiva
21ManivasanTamilHinduUniqueLongAnother name for Lord Venkateshwara
22MohandasTamilHinduModernLongServant of Lord Krishna
24MuruganTamilHinduModernMediumLord Murugan
26MuthukumarTamilHinduModernLongPrecious Son
27MahavirTamilHinduModernMediumLord Hanuman
30ManimaranTamilHinduUniqueMediumBrave and Pure
31MuraliTamilHinduModernShortFlute Player
32ManimozhiTamilHinduUniqueMediumSweet Voice
33ManojTamilHinduModernShortGod of Mind
34MurugesanTamilHinduModernMediumLord Murugan
36ManikandanTamilHinduUniqueLongLord Murugan
39MahendranTamilHinduModernMediumThe Great King
41ManikantaTamilHinduUniqueLongLord Ayyappan
43MaheshwarTamilHinduModernMediumLord Shiva
44ManivasanTamilHinduUniqueLongAnother name for Lord Venkateshwara
45MohandasTamilHinduModernLongServant of Lord Krishna
47MuruganTamilHinduModernMediumLord Murugan
49MuthukumarTamilHinduModernLongPrecious Son
50MahavirTamilHinduModernMediumLord Hanuman
53MuralidharTamilHinduModernLongLord Krishna, one who holds the flute
54ManimaranTamilHinduUniqueMediumBrave and Pure
55MukundTamilHinduModernShortLord Krishna, one who gives liberation
56MahendranTamilHinduModernMediumThe Great King
57MurugesanTamilHinduModernMediumLord Murugan
58ManikantaTamilHinduUniqueLongLord Ayyappan
60MaheshwarTamilHinduModernMediumLord Shiva
61ManivasanTamilHinduUniqueLongAnother name for Lord Venkateshwara
62MohandasTamilHinduModernLongServant of Lord Krishna
64MuruganTamilHinduModernMediumLord Murugan
66MuthukumarTamilHinduModernLongPrecious Son
67MahavirTamilHinduModernMediumLord Hanuman
70ManimozhiTamilHinduUniqueMediumSweet Voice
71ManojTamilHinduModernShortGod of Mind
72MurugesanTamilHinduModernMediumLord Murugan
74ManikandanTamilHinduUniqueLongLord Murugan
77MahendranTamilHinduModernMediumThe Great King
79ManikantaTamilHinduUniqueLongLord Ayyappan
81MaheshwarTamilHinduModernMediumLord Shiva
82ManivasanTamilHinduUniqueLongAnother name for Lord Venkateshwara
83MohandasTamilHinduModernLongServant of Lord Krishna
85MuruganTamilHinduModernMediumLord Murugan
87MuthukumarTamilHinduModernLongPrecious Son
88MahavirTamilHinduModernMediumLord Hanuman
91ManimozhiTamilHinduUniqueMediumSweet Voice
92ManojTamilHinduModernShortGod of Mind
93MurugesanTamilHinduModernMediumLord Murugan
95ManikandanTamilHinduUniqueLongLord Murugan
98MahendranTamilHinduModernMediumThe Great King
100ManikantaTamilHinduUniqueLongLord Ayyappan
101ManikrishnaTamilHinduUniqueLongJewel of Lord Krishna
103MuralidharTamilHinduModernLongLord Krishna, one who holds the flute
104ManimaranTamilHinduUniqueMediumBrave and Pure
105MukundTamilHinduModernShortLord Krishna, one who gives liberation
106MahendranTamilHinduModernMediumThe Great King
107MurugesanTamilHinduModernMediumLord Murugan
108ManikantaTamilHinduUniqueLongLord Ayyappan
110MaheshwarTamilHinduModernMediumLord Shiva
111ManivasanTamilHinduUniqueLongAnother name for Lord Venkateshwara
112MohandasTamilHinduModernLongServant of Lord Krishna
114MuruganTamilHinduModernMediumLord Murugan
116MuthukumarTamilHinduModernLongPrecious Son
117MahavirTamilHinduModernMediumLord Hanuman
120ManimozhiTamilHinduUniqueMediumSweet Voice
121ManojTamilHinduModernShortGod of Mind
122MurugesanTamilHinduModernMediumLord Murugan
124ManikandanTamilHinduUniqueLongLord Murugan
127MahendranTamilHinduModernMediumThe Great King
129ManikantaTamilHinduUniqueLongLord Ayyappan
131MaheshwarTamilHinduModernMediumLord Shiva
132ManivasanTamilHinduUniqueLongAnother name for Lord Venkateshwara
133MohandasTamilHinduModernLongServant of Lord Krishna
135MuruganTamilHinduModernMediumLord Murugan
137MuthukumarTamilHinduModernLongPrecious Son
138MahavirTamilHinduModernMediumLord Hanuman
141ManimozhiTamilHinduUniqueMediumSweet Voice
142ManojTamilHinduModernShortGod of Mind
143MurugesanTamilHinduModernMediumLord Murugan
145ManikandanTamilHinduUniqueLongLord Murugan
148MahendranTamilHinduModernMediumThe Great King
150ManikantaTamilHinduUniqueLongLord Ayyappan
152MaheshwarTamilHinduModernMediumLord Shiva
153ManivasanTamilHinduUniqueLongAnother name for Lord Venkateshwara
154MohandasTamilHinduModernLongServant of Lord Krishna
156MuruganTamilHinduModernMediumLord Murugan
158MuthukumarTamilHinduModernLongPrecious Son
159MahavirTamilHinduModernMediumLord Hanuman
162ManimozhiTamilHinduUniqueMediumSweet Voice
163ManojTamilHinduModernShortGod of Mind
164MurugesanTamilHinduModernMediumLord Murugan
166ManikandanTamilHinduUniqueLongLord Murugan
169MahendranTamilHinduModernMediumThe Great King
171ManikantaTamilHinduUniqueLongLord Ayyappan
173MaheshwarTamilHinduModernMediumLord Shiva
174ManivasanTamilHinduUniqueLongAnother name for Lord Venkateshwara
175MohandasTamilHinduModernLongServant of Lord Krishna
177MuruganTamilHinduModernMediumLord Murugan
179MuthukumarTamilHinduModernLongPrecious Son
180MahavirTamilHinduModernMediumLord Hanuman
183ManimozhiTamilHinduUniqueMediumSweet Voice
184ManojTamilHinduModernShortGod of Mind
185MurugesanTamilHinduModernMediumLord Murugan
187ManikandanTamilHinduUniqueLongLord Murugan
190MahendranTamilHinduModernMediumThe Great King
192ManikantaTamilHinduUniqueLongLord Ayyappan
194MaheshwarTamilHinduModernMediumLord Shiva
195ManivasanTamilHinduUniqueLongAnother name for Lord Venkateshwara
196MohandasTamilHinduModernLongServant of Lord Krishna
198MuruganTamilHinduModernMediumLord Murugan
200MuthukumarTamilHinduModernLongPrecious Son

Naming Ceremony in Tamil Culture

In Tamil culture, the naming ceremony is a joyous occasion filled with rituals and traditions. It’s a time when the baby’s name is officially announced to family and friends. The name is often chosen by consulting elders and taking into account astrological considerations.

The Influence of Tamil Cinema and Literature

Tamil cinema and literature have played a significant role in shaping popular names. Many iconic Tamil film characters and literary figures have left a lasting impression on baby naming trends. For instance, the character “Muthu” from the famous Rajinikanth film has inspired parents to choose this name for its simplicity and cultural relevance. Names like “Malar” (meaning “flower”) and “Murali” (referring to Lord Krishna’s flute) have gained popularity due to their portrayal in Tamil literature.

Unique Tamil Names in History

Delve into history, and you’ll find a treasure trove of unique Tamil names. “Mani Ratnam,” a renowned filmmaker, has a name that means “precious gem.” The famous mathematician “Srinivasa Ramanujan” had a name rooted in ancient Tamil traditions, and his legacy continues to inspire parents to name their children after him. “M. S. Subbulakshmi,” the legendary Carnatic vocalist, is another example of a prominent figure with a unique Tamil name.

Regional Variations

Tamil Nadu is a diverse state with various regions, each having its distinct cultural nuances. Names can vary based on the region within Tamil Nadu. For instance, “Maran” might be more prevalent in one region, while “Mohan” could be favored in another. Exploring these regional variations can help you find a name that resonates with your specific Tamil heritage.

The Role of Family and Elders

In Tamil culture, the naming process often involves family members and elders. Grandparents, in particular, may have valuable insights into traditional names and their meanings. Consulting with family members can be a meaningful and inclusive way to choose a name for your baby. Share stories of how previous generations chose names, and you might discover a name that has been cherished within your family for generations.

Modern Celebrity Inspiration

Tamil celebrities, both in the entertainment industry and other fields, have a knack for choosing unique and stylish names for their children. For example, actor Vijay named his son “Jason Sanjay,” blending Tamil and international influences. Likewise, actress Jyothika and actor Suriya chose the name “Dev” for their son, signifying “God” in several Indian languages. Keep an eye on the latest celebrity baby names for fresh inspiration.

The Power of Numerology

Numerology holds a special place in Tamil culture, and many parents consult numerologists when selecting names for their children. Each letter in the Tamil alphabet corresponds to a specific number, and names are often chosen based on the numerological significance. Names that align with positive numbers are believed to bring good fortune and success. You can explore numerology as an additional layer of meaning for your baby’s name.

Names for Meaning and Legacy

A name isn’t just a label; it carries a legacy and meaning that can shape a person’s identity. In Tamil culture, parents often select names that hold profound significance. Names starting with “M” offer a wide array of meanings and legacies, making them an appealing choice for many parents.

The Cultural Legacy of “M”

The letter “M” itself holds cultural significance in Tamil tradition. It is often associated with qualities like grace, wisdom, and creativity. Choosing a name that begins with “M” not only aligns with the cultural richness of Tamil Nadu but also adds a touch of elegance to your child’s identity.

Naming Your Baby after a Loved One

Many Tamil parents choose to name their child after a beloved family member or respected figure. This practice not only honors the legacy of the person but also strengthens family bonds. If you have a revered ancestor or relative whose name starts with “M,” consider carrying forward their memory by bestowing it upon your child.

Combining Modernity with Tradition

The naming process is a reflection of changing times and values. Modern Tamil parents often seek names that bridge the gap between tradition and contemporary sensibilities. For instance, names like “Mahir” (meaning “skilled”) and “Mithil” (meaning “cool and composed”) incorporate traditional sounds while embracing a modern twist.

Gender-Neutral Names

In today’s progressive world, gender-neutral names are gaining popularity. Names starting with “M” can be wonderfully versatile, suitable for both boys and girls. Names like “Miran” (meaning “prince” or “princess”) and “Moksha” (referring to spiritual liberation) are examples of gender-neutral options.

The Spiritual Connection

Spirituality plays a vital role in Tamil culture, and many names are inspired by deities and religious concepts. Names like “Murari” (an epithet of Lord Krishna) and “Mukund” (meaning “liberator”) infuse spirituality into your child’s identity, fostering a connection with their cultural and religious roots.

Popular and Timeless Choices

Some “M” names have stood the test of time and remain evergreen choices. Names like “Mani” (meaning “gem”) and “Mohan” (signifying “charming”) continue to be popular among Tamil parents due to their timeless appeal.

The Sweet Sound of “M”

The sound of a name is crucial, and names starting with “M” have a melodious quality that is pleasing to the ear. Whether it’s the rhythmic “Muhilan” (meaning “cloud”) or the serene “Mahilan” (meaning “intelligent”), “M” names often roll off the tongue gracefully.

Consultation with Experts

Choosing the perfect name can sometimes be challenging. If you’re unsure about the meaning or significance of a name, consider consulting with experts in Tamil culture, language, or numerology. They can provide valuable insights to help you make an informed choice.

The Final Decision

In the end, the decision of what name to give your baby boy is a personal one. It’s a reflection of your love, your culture, and your aspirations for your child. Take your time, explore the options, and let your heart guide you to the name that feels just right.

Let’s continue to explore the world of unique Tamil boy names starting with “M” and the cultural significance surrounding these names:

A Name for a Lifetime

Selecting the perfect name for your baby boy is a momentous decision that will shape his identity for a lifetime. Here are some additional insights to consider as you embark on this meaningful journey:

Remembering Cultural Roots

As the world becomes more interconnected, it’s essential to preserve and celebrate your cultural roots. A Tamil name starting with “M” is not just a name; it’s a thread that connects your child to the rich tapestry of Tamil heritage. It’s a reminder of the traditions, values, and history that make Tamil culture unique.

Significance of Sound

The phonetics of a name can have a profound impact on how it is perceived. Names starting with “M” have a soothing and resonant quality. The soft, melodious sound of “M” can evoke a sense of comfort and warmth, making it an appealing choice for many parents.

The Legacy of Generations

In Tamil families, names are often passed down from one generation to the next. It’s a way of honoring ancestors and preserving family history. If you have a family tradition of names starting with “M,” consider carrying it forward and adding to the legacy.

Astrological Considerations

Astrology holds a special place in Tamil culture, and many parents consult astrologers to choose a name that aligns with their child’s birth chart. Astrologers can provide insights into the letters and sounds that are harmonious for your baby’s future.

Unique Spellings

Uniqueness can also be achieved through creative spellings. While the traditional Tamil spelling of a name may be common, you can explore alternative spellings to give the name a distinctive twist. Just be mindful of clarity and pronunciation.

The Joy of Research

Naming your child can be a joyful research endeavor. Dive deep into Tamil literature, mythology, and history to discover hidden gems. You might stumble upon a unique name with a captivating story behind it.

Balancing Tradition and Modernity

Choosing a name is an opportunity to strike a balance between tradition and modernity. While preserving cultural heritage is essential, it’s also important to consider how the name will resonate with your child in contemporary society.

Your Child’s Individuality

Ultimately, the name you choose should celebrate your child’s individuality. Think about the qualities, virtues, and aspirations you have for your little one. Let these values guide you in selecting a name that reflects your hopes and dreams.

A Lifetime of Love

Your child’s name will be a word of love, spoken countless times over the years. It will be the first word they learn to write and the name they proudly carry into adulthood. Cherish this journey of naming your baby boy, for it is a testament to the love and care you have for him.


In the end, the quest for a unique Tamil boy name starting with “M” is not just about finding a label; it’s about embracing a cultural legacy, celebrating individuality, and laying the foundation for a lifetime of identity. Whether you choose a name that resonates with tradition or one that is a fresh departure, may it be a name that brings joy, pride, and a sense of belonging to your precious child.

Remember, the name you select is a gift of love, a treasure for a lifetime, and a legacy for generations to come.

With these concluding thoughts, the our article offers a heartfelt perspective on the importance of selecting a name for your baby boy and the significance of “M” names in Tamil culture. It encourages parents to embrace the profound meaning and cultural heritage that a name can carry.

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